What is the Best Packers and Movers directory in India?

Press release   •   May 10, 2016 17:26 IST

Lets come to the point of best packers and movers directory as per my experience if you are a packers and movers business owner and want to register your moving to these directory website then i recommend you Here you can register your company for free, after registration you just need to fill up the moving company details. After completing company profile you will receive direct customer query through

Why so many Packer and Mover

The low entry barrier and minimum requirement of skilled labor had made this industry the last resort avenue for anyone who lacks the skill for giving quality service. Anyone can be a packer and mover, especially for moves provided they invest on a truck. The manpower can be picked up very easily from the daily labor market as even unskilled individuals can work as someone who can carry loads in and out of houses and trucks.

What gives me quality service?

To provide a quality Packer and Mover service, there are certain essentials which need to be observed. Those being the staff being well trained to handle all household items with extreme care while carrying it to the vehicle, during transit and when unloading happens. Also a great amount of skill is required for packing items as per the requirement so that damage at any stage can be avoided and the items be delivered in the same condition which they were picked up. This coupled with the quality of the packaging materials used determines how safe the whole process is.

Why am I getting low quotes?

The very high number of individuals present in the business gives rise to a very desperate situation for the players. As they see their trucks being idle, the usual mindset is to compromise on the quality that they can provide and provide a lower price point.

Why is the service quality so low in Industry?

Packers and Movers is a typical utility based business. The customer does not think about the service unless he comes across the need for moving. Repeat customers are very rare as people do not makes moves very often and the need may arise after years. The lack of repeat business makes the packer and mover insensitive towards preserving a brand value by providing the best of service. Those players who are very brand conscious always charges premium rates for their services. It is not uncommon that even the established brand names in the industry also rides on their brand name and ignores the service quality which was assured.

What will I get if I choose a vendor whom I have no assurance of but quoted the lowest It is common that people chooses the lowest quoting packer and mover for the service as even the customer is not sure about the quality of service he is going to receive. Packing and Moving is a process which requires a lot of planning from the customer’s end. There is not much flexibility in the quantity of stuff to be transported, the distance and the date of move.


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