White Gold Necklace Epitome of Beauty and Elegance

Press release   •   Jun 10, 2011 15:14 IST

Compared to the yellow gold, the use of white gold is gaining immense popularity nowadays. Similar to silver jewelry, white gold necklace can complement any type of outfit. Most of these necklaces are made of silver and gold metals. It is available in different designs and carats.

According to legends, white gold necklace was used by the ancient Egyptian civilization. It was considered an epitome of sacredness and purity. So it was widely used for religious ceremonies and weddings.

Reasons for Its Growing Popularity

There are many reasons for the widespread popularity of the white gold necklace. Some of the most important reasons shall be discussed in the following paragraphs.

Magnificent yet affordable: Compared to other jewelry such as gold and platinum, these necklaces are both beautiful and affordable. It can be bought at reasonable prices from both online and offline stores.

Tantamount to platinum: White gold necklace appears similar to platinum jewelry, though platinum is far more expensive than the former. Most of the people wear this jewelry as a substitute to the platinum jewelry. Moreover, it is a boon to those who find it difficult to afford expensive platinum jewelry.

Stylish: Today these necklaces are available in a variety of designs and styles. Some of the most fashionable patterns and designs can be found in many of the online stores.

All attires: One of the greatest advantages of the white gold necklace is that it blends well with any type and colored outfit. Yellow gold suits only certain type of outfit but these dazzling necklaces can deck up any type of clothing.

For all skin types: Silver jewelry tends to cause allergies to some people when worn for a long period of time. This possibility can be negated with these necklaces.

Unique variety: Most of the people prefer to wear unique varieties of necklaces and pendants. More than over a hundred varieties of necklaces can be found in most of the online stores at attractive price rates.

Precious stones: These necklaces appear mesmerizing when combined with precious stones like diamonds. It also appears distinctive with other types of stones such as ruby, emerald, sapphire and so forth.

Beautiful pendants: White gold necklace also includes beautifully shaped pendants such as the heart shaped pendant, the tiffany style, the pave style and so forth. These pendants make the jewelry even more alluring and coveted.

Know the Different Carats

These necklaces are available in different carats so it is important to check the carats before purchasing the same. 10k, 14k and 18k are the three different carats which can be found in white gold. The most expensive among these include the 18k jewelry as it has a purity level of 75%.

It is important to take proper care of your white gold necklace so that it retains its shine and lasts longer. It should be stored in separate boxes and cleaned occasionally. It can also be hung in boxes. Coating it with rhodium is an excellent idea so that it lasts longer and appears as new as ever.

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