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Press Release   •   May 09, 2016 16:52 IST

Your time is important—cut the telephone tag and frustrations. White Labeled Solution Services uses best-of-class technology to connect you directly with your travel agent. Trawex Technologies is fully committed to providing travel portal developmentand business quality across the whole range of the travel and hospitality website. The company provides incorporated Travel Application Development and Maintenance‚ Contact Center, Back Office Services and Solution Frameworks in the travel business globally. You offer the online booking engine and let us provide the technology and team to service your customers. On one hand, the competitive marketplace is pushing margins; on the other, reduced commissions and incentives from partners have impacted revenues industry-wide. The travel management value chain is all about efficiency and scale. Industry players need to be able to increase business efficiency in same or reduced cost, while striving to improve top line revenue through innovative solutions. To succeed in this initiative, travel management companies and online travel agencies have been increasingly seeking the help of a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partner.

Our White Labeled management team evaluates your travel demands, provides you perfect White Labeled solutions and helps you to optimize your corporate travel budget. Our main motive is to deliver you quality service and offer utmost convenience during your business trip. We use the 'best-in-class' travel technology presented at your location to shift your travel ability into a better gear. Trawex Technologies hold both sophisticated and growing technologies to provide the best local options for our customers around the world.Trawex Technologies is offering the services for the clients with awesome results in Travel web Application development. We give Travel web Application to satisfy the demands. We have over wide experience to satisfy all requirements in Travel web Application development. Our commitment produces the quality and excellent website which is very effective, best and attractive.

We have a proven and successful methodology that enables us to gather the required information and reach a solid knowledge of the client’s business, gaining in depth knowledge of the key aims and objectives of the application, how it fits within their business model business, including the focus on target audience, technical requirements and its commercial targets. Our mission is to provide excellent White Labeled Services to allow business travelers to get to their destination in a timely and economical way and to provide business travel analytical services to constantly improve your business travel program.


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