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Why visiting Bled Slovenia is high on the list of European tourists? Clearly, a Treasure Among lake Holidays

Press Release   •   Nov 13, 2010 15:54 IST

Every year thousands of European tourists choose Bled Slovenia as their holiday destination due to the scenic lakes, mountains, and great ski slopes.  As an archipelago, Bled is a charming island of serenity that sits in the middle of the breathtaking Alpine valley.

During the 19th century a Swiss hydropathist found that the thermal waters and great climate combined help improve the general wellness of people and helped increase their mental well being.  Due to this fact, a great amount of health spas and thermal spas have made Bled Slovenia an attractive location.

Bled Slovenia, along with Lkubljana Slovenia, is known as one of the most beautiful, scenic, and breathtaking health spa locations in the Europe.  This is due to the fact that the town sits around the gentle calming lake of Bled and is surrounded by mountainside that offers great challenges and sporting activities.  Many people head to Bled, Slovenia today to enjoy the relaxation, tranquillity, and inspiration that the quiet town offers, as well as the many activities from mountain trails to lake trails to boating to the exploring the great mountain top castle.

There are also many more outdoor activities for those who want to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the island including fishing, hunting, premier golf courses, walking tails, and of course the amazing ski pistes which are in very close proximity to the city centre.  Each of these activities is conveniently located near the Bled Slovenia town centre and can be enjoyed easily.  During the evening there is also a great deal of après ski activities to partake in and even a casino on the island for those who want to try out their luck while on holiday.

Nearby is also Ljubljana Slovenia, which is the capital of the country and equally breathtaking.  Considerably small and charming for the capital city, Lubnljana Slovenia offers a unique Baroque Old Town that is a great deal of fun to explore and many wonderful Art Nouveau mansions that compliment the mountainside view wonderfully.  Complete with a castle on the hill top, the capital city offers a great deal of its own health spas, activities, and of course plenty of first rate accommodation that is charming and warm making it perfect for groups, families, or those in search of a romantic getaway.