Wide and Varied Uses of Urea in Different Fields

Press Release   •   Nov 30, 2010 13:05 IST

Basically urea is an organic compound found in the urine of mammals but now it can be produced from non-organic materials synthetically. It was the German scientist Friedrich Wohler who first discovered that urea can be made from non organic materials too. This has been a notable discovery in the history of mankind.

The Different Uses of Urea

Apart from being an ideal fertilizer, urea can be used for various purposes. Let us examine some of the basic uses of this organic compound.

Manufacture of resin: This organic compound is used as base product for manufacturing resin where it is mixed with formaldehyde. The utilization of this particular mixture includes plastic production, use as an adhesive and so forth. This mixture is also used to coat paper and textiles.

Skin products: It is also used in beauty products like creams and lotions as it helps to hydrate the skin leaving it soft and supple.

Commercial products: It is also used in other commercial products like tooth-whitening products, shampoos and conditioners. Facial powders and other cosmetics use this organic compound as a main ingredient.

Cigarettes: Urea is also used in cigarettes to augment its flavour.

Cattle feed: It is used as cattle feed as it contains nitrogen which helps in the growth of cattle. Farmers choose this organic product as it is relatively cheaper compared to other cattle feed.

Fertilizer: It is one of the best fertilizers available in the form of crystals, pills and granules.

One of the Best Fertilizers

Urea is one of the best fertilizers that have various distinctive features such as its non-pollutant feature, better yielding capacity and eco-friendliness

Suitable for all types of crops and it causes no harm because it contains only carbon dioxide and nitrogen. It can be stored easily as it has an excellent shelf life. Available in large granules, this organic compound can be stored for a longer period of time as it does not retain moisture.

Another characteristic feature of this fertilizer is that it is quite cheap compared to other fertilizers and so it is widely used by farmers. Moreover it is known to increase the fertility of the soil and yields better crops. It blends well with the soil even though it is mixed well with other fertilizers too.

It can be purchased easily from the urea manufacturers who supply this organic fertilizer in the online stores. It is also made available in other forms like chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and so forth.

However, special care should be taken while applying urea in the soil as it should be mixed well with the soil to yield desired results. It is often coated with other materials so that the nitrogen content of the fertilizer does not evaporate quickly. The soil has to be moist and highly absorbent to obtain ultimate results.

It is difficult to find an organic compound which serves as an excellent fertilizer as well as a useful ingredient in many other products. Urea is considered the strongest and cheapest fertilizer treatment available when compared to other expensive fertilizers.

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