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Wide Usage of Gold Testing Machine

Press Release   •   Sep 06, 2010 17:40 IST

Gold has been one of the most precious metals for over a million years. It is combined with other metals to make jewellery of different varieties. There are many ways to test the purity of gold. Since gold is a precious metal it is often found alloyed and mixed with other metals. So it is pertinent to test the purity of the metal. The gold testing machine is used mainly for this purpose.

Ways to Test the Purity of Gold

Different methods are adopted to test the purity of gold. Karat is the measurement used for measuring the purity of gold. Pure gold is usually known as 24 karat gold. Before the invention of gold testing machine, the purity of gold was tested using porcelain, glass and magnet. The use of porcelain to test the purity of the metal-gold included scratching the sample metal on unglazed porcelain, if the color of the streak is yellow, it is pure gold.

Similarly the use of glass to check the purity of gold included scratching the sample metal on a piece of glass, since gold is known to be softer than glass, it should not leave any mark on the glass when scratched.

Magnets were also considered as the ancient gold testing machine. This simple test involves holding the sample metal near to the magnet, if it is pure gold, the magnet fails to attract it. All these tests mentioned above are different kinds of initial tests which do not prove the content of gold present or the exact amount. Since the gold testing machine was unavailable in those days, most of the people resorted to such methods which have become obsolete today.

Acid testing is another method to test the purity of gold. But it is known to cause damage to the precious metal so it is not used by most of the professionals though it is quiet cheap compared to other methods of testing the purity of gold.

Advent of Gold Testing Machine

With the growing usage of machines in every field, the gold market witnessed the advent of innovatory machines that were capable of testing the purity of gold. There are a wide variety of machines that are used for testing gold.

There are electronic gold testers that can be used quite efficiently anywhere and anytime. This gold testing machine can be used in offices, homes and jewellery shops too. As these machines are used widely in different places to separate and identify fake gold, there are a number of gold testing machine manufacturers listed in the b2b markets.

The Elvax is a popular gold testing machine that is guaranteed to provide accurate measurement of the metal. It is an Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence analyser, also known as EDXRF. It can be used in industries, research purposes and for analysing jewellery.   

There are a number of online marketplaces where different types of machines to test the purity of gold are listed. An appropriate gold testing machine can be chosen from catalogs in the b2b directories.

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