Windows Phone 8S by HTC

Press Release   •   Oct 30, 2012 15:23 IST

HTC believes in specialty. They are not going to make all kinds of mobile handsets. Their target is just to be there in specialty based smart phones. Yes, that is why they have been able to bring out the best of smart phones. A good thing about HTC mobile phones is that they have always led the pack. On many fronts HTC has proved to be the first mover. It was the first company to use Windows mobile software in its smart phone handsets. In the same way they are one of the few first to launch Android mobile phones. Which ever deal you go for, the basic idea is that these phones are the best in terms of the loks, design, style quotient, features and applications.

The Windows Phone 8S is classed as a "signature Windows Phone", so the Windows Phone branding is positioned before the model number. The name isn't catchy or easily marketable, which is a little disappointing, but the partnership suggests that this device will be heavily promoted by both Microsoft and HTC mobile. .

HTC just unveiled its second Windows Phone 8 powered smartphone - called HTC Windows Phone 8S. It is more compact than the 8X and should go easier on the wallet as it comes with less capable hardware. The HTC Windows Phone 8S is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset and runs on a 1GHz dual-core Krait processor and Adreno 225 GPU. HTC 8S has 512MB of RAM and 16 GB internal storage expandable via a microSD card slot. HTC Windows Phone 8S has the Beats Audio enhancements. The screen is 4-inch capacitive Super LCD of WVGA resolution, which has Gorilla Glass protection. The rest of the specs include a 5MP camera (F2.8, 35mm lens) with LED flash, 720p video recording and dedicated camera key.

With this HTC Windows Phone 8S you can enjoy gaming anytime, anywhere with Xbox Live. This Dolby mobile and SRS surround sound makes gaming fun. Other features of this HTC Windows phone are facilitation of downloading of thousands of apps, games and music from the Marketplace Hub; high definition 720p video recording, view and edit Office documents; manage friends and contacts in one place at People Hub; browse and download your favorite music, movies and TV shows; syncing of the phone with your PC wirelessly and automatically; and more. Visit an online store to get the best deals in HTC Windows phone.

Windows Phone 8 is going to be a unified experience. Already a new platform with its own unique features, any third party personalisation would only serve to complicate matters. Android has suffered a bit from its huge array of diversification but this doesn't matter so much as it is already a Linux based, open source project. Microsoft has a brand identity, product and shareholders to protect. If you think they're being restrictive I'd point you towards Cupertino who control, dominate and micromanage every piece of hardware, software and firmware relating to their htc Moble. htc 8s price in india is expected to be around Rs 35000.

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