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​ Wireline Conveyed Special Tools, Equipment and Services

Press release   •   Nov 05, 2016 12:28 IST

Ras Gas invites experienced Contractors who can meet the Mandatory Requirements listed below to collect the tender document for Provision of Wireline Conveyed Special Tools, Equipment and Services. Tendersontime, a leading business leading

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The contract is to provide Wireline Conveyed Special Tools, Equipment and Services IWireline(E-Line) Pipe Cutter, Pipe Puncher, Stroker, Wellbore Cleaner),to cover up to 16 work over wells including optional wets for future works at Ras Gas discretion.

Mandatory Requirements:

  • tendere• shall confirm and demonstrate five 151 years recent experience in providing Wire'ine Conveyed Special and Services for multiple rigs offshore.
  • Tenderer shall confirm that all supplied Wireline Conveyed Special Toots. Equipment and Materials ore rated for sour service
  • Tenderer shall commit to:
  • provide in-Country Provision of Wireline Conveyed Special Tools Equipment and Services, with qualified office and field personnel
  • provide in-Country Engineering resources to supply/design Wirefine Conveyed Special Tools and Services Ops including optimization of appropriate equipment / tools, job simulation software. hydraulics program, job proposals, procedures, and operational planning tasks
  • mobilize equipment and personnel to RUC, COMPANY BASE. sub lease or worksite within the time constraints as detailed in ITT documents
  • provide •n-Country presence including Warehouse, Storage, Maintenance and Equipment facilities with regional and worldwide organizational support as required
  • Tenderer shall demonstrate ability to provide all required equipment and tools in at least one of the tour equipment packages and meet all the technical requirements for the services proposed in 1 ITT document.
  • Tenderer shall have an established and certified quality Management System in place
  • Tenderer shall only provide equipment from COMPANY approved OEM.
  • Tenderer confirms equipment supplied under the AGREEMENT shall be repaired by the OEM or OEM license.
  • Tenderer shall have an established and certified Safely. Health and Environment Program in place as o minimum, conforming to OHSA 180012007 / 15014001:2004 / ISM or similar.
  • Tenderer shall commit to Company's Pricing Structure or acceptable alternates.
  • Tenderer shall commit to RasGas Terms and Conditions or acceptable alternates.
  • Tenderer shall commit to provide with Unpriced Tender:
  • A valid Bid Bond for USS50,000 (United Slates Dollars Fifty Thousand); and
  • A written confirmation agreeing to furnish a Performance Bank Guarantee, amounting to 10% of the Annualized Contract Value If awarded a contract.
  • For further details, please call on +91-9218088010, +91-9218540407 or email or register on the website:

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