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Press Release   •   Jul 19, 2012 15:19 IST

Indo-Global Social Service Society is an award winning non- goverment Women Empowerment Organization was established in India in 1960 for the development of Women Rights,Women power and best situation. We start women empowerment program in rural areas of India and aims to empower them and provide all aspects of success to women artisans to create handmade quilts and textile handicrafts earn self. Today we offer one of the most safe, successful and fastest growing women empowering programs for all women named as Women Rights India.

IGSSS channels the entrepreneurial creative talents of immigrant, refugee and low-income women of India into small business and create jobs for them and a new generation of Indian leaders and entrepreneurs. According to survey in India about 56% of the women are illiterate as against a considerably lower 24% in case of men, it absolutely evincing the palpable inequity. It should be done away by ensuring increased enrollment of girls in schools and colleges.

Indo-Global Social Service Society is direct implementing the project titled “ Women Empowerment India” across all over India and access this ownership over all activities through education, legal literacy of women. Women Empowerment India programme provide an income-generating opportunity for women, who have limited employment opportunities or facilities in the rural communities. We are trying to make them strong by education, money and support them in step of life.

Educating all girls is now an order of the government, with the Right to Education act in force which will address the cause of literacy. We work for capacity building and enlightenment of the vulnerable communities across the country through Women Empowerment right base framework. Its needs to make them strong for their valuable participation in development of our society and initially began as a means to connect all level of women in our society.

Make a good donation in Indo-Global Social Service Society(IGSSS) for the success of Women Empowerment India program. We are the award winning NGO in India spend all in developing women and all poor. For more information please visit:

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