Working Mechanism Of Ball Bearings And Associated Problems

Press Release   •   Oct 17, 2012 15:41 IST

Any object with moving parts uses something called a ballock bearing, which is commonly referred to as ball bearing. Ball bearings have been used ever since moving machines came into existence. The objective of using them is to reduce rotational friction and at the same time support the load that the machine is carrying. The bearing constitutes of a metal ball that works in tandem with other metal balls of the same shape and size. All the balls are identical and this is what helps to create a spinning motion that in turn enables the machine to move.

The basic ball bearing has three layers. The middle layer is that of the metal balls, which lies between two metal rings. The outer metal ring is large and the inner ring is more of a hollow disk. The metal balls are lubricated for a smooth movement and also for reduction of friction. Most of the energy is lost in the heat, and wear and tear in the machine due to the friction caused. Without the lubrication, the ball bearing will be exposed to rain, heat, and different weather conditions. This can case the part to get rusted. Lubrication or greasing of the instrument can decrease the heat generated. The lubricating part is rather interesting.

Often people tend to get their machinery lubricated by professionals. However, doing it yourself is also possible. You need to use a liberal coat of lubricant or grease that is best suited for the machinery. Ball bearings are used to create speed in the rotational motion of a machine. So higher the speed of the combination, more is the heat produced. Therefore it is important to check on the grease levels in these combinations so that unnecessary wear and tear can be avoided.

Just like it happens with every machine, there are some problems associated with ball bearings too. The first issue that people mostly face is that of corrosion. Since they are made of metal, natural factors like rain, sun light, and heat can cause the adverse effect of rust. Irrespective of the amount of grease used, there are chances of the machine getting jammed and breaking down due to rust. The only way out is to constantly monitor the machine and indulge in its maintenance.

Due to the rotational action of the bearing, the machine is prone to shaking and vibration. As a result of this, the small metal pieces may be drawn out in turn dis lodging from their original positions. Another problem faced with ball bearings can be their noise. The noise often causes disturbance and a source of distraction in a work place. Here again, lubrication can solve the problem to a great extent. But the issue of cleanliness remains a constant mess with this arrangement.

All in all, ball bearings are useful for reducing machine friction. There could be problems while using them which can be reduced with proper maintenance.

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