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Press Release   •   Jul 03, 2012 11:13 IST

Welcome to The Book Review Literary Trust Website, set up in October 1989 to disseminate information about advances in knowledge and books, is a non-political, ideologically non-partisan organization, and seeks to reflect all shades of intellectual opinions and ideas. The Book Review Literary Trust provide Book Reviews Sites,Writing Book Reviews,Authors Book Reviews that are related on a variety of subjects, humanities, social sciences, management, fiction, art, environment, science, culture and children’s literature.

The Book Review Literary Trust provides detailed, comprehensive Book Reviews & New Book Reviews. It is so common when you meet a friend who informs you about this "awesome new book I'm reading." And all of a sudden, you're excited to read it. It's that type of joyousness that The Book Review Literary Trust is all about. It also take part in several activities such as providing scholarships and prizes to talented writes and authors.

Almost book recommendation sites work by ranking random Writing Book Reviews,Book Reviews Sites,Authors Book Reviews reviews. At The Book Review Literary Trust, when an individual adds a book to the website, all their colleges can watch what they thought of it. It has been noticed that people are more likely to get excited about a book, which their friend advices than a feedback from a stranger. Our enterprise even created an impressive algorithm that appears in your ratings and books, and aids you find other books based on what Book Review Literary Trust fellow members with related tastes enjoyed.

The Trust administered  between 1991-1995 a grant from the Ford Foundation to subsidize important Indian publications in the areas of environment,contemporary history and politics,women studies and international  affairs.Over 60 titles were subsidized to make available seminal works for students and scholars at affordable prices. Book reviews perform an important mission for the historical profession by bringing to a book the insight and perspective of another person working in the field.

The Book Review India organized in order to give Indian readers a glimpse of the variety of books available for them. The Book Review helps  publishers to publish their works of several disciplines, in order to promote and encourage Indian authors and Indian languages. Indian Book Reviews have also been highly acclaimed by the foreign authors. We also organize seminars and exhibitions on books for our readers. By doing this, we hope to read a lot more and also motivate people around us to read more. For more information please visit our website:

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