XperTravels redesigns Corbettnationalpark-india.com in view of New Year celebrations

Press Release   •   Oct 30, 2010 16:34 IST

NEW DELHI: XperTravels has unveiled a new design of Corbettnationalpark-india.com in view of New Year celebrations. The new design is aimed at making the website easier for users to search for a suitable Corbett New Year packages. Web designers based changes to the website on feedback grabbed an overwhelming response from the customers. The website’s New Year page has received tremendous appreciation and is rising on popularity chart rapidly.


“People from all over the world visit http://www.corbettnationalpark-india.com to seek information about the best resorts in Jim Corbett National Park and which one of them would best suit to them,” said Mr. Tarun Shrivastava, Managing Director of XperTravels. “It is the preeminent tool for reaching out to the public to guide them on how to spend best time in Corbett National park.


The website has been catering to the customers with ever-changing needs.” The site also serves as a first stop for people living abroad when they need official information about corbett national park  and any kind of information about one of the largest parks in India. The website has detailed information about every resort. Information includes package details, facilities, amenities and what best is being offered this New Year. The details are available on a single page; therefore, one can go through the information with the very first stroke.


Link to the New Year packages is available on the very home page of corbettnationalpark-india.com. This also makes navigating to the concerned page easier. XperTravels management has said that all the information on the website are credible and self-verified.


“We have made sure the new design is simple yet highly effective and impressive.Though there are many websites that offer similar packages and information, but quality and credibility you get at XperTravels is simply exclusive, “ added Mr. Tarun Shrivastava.

Corbettnationalpark-india.com is India’s most prominent tour operator. Within a very short span, Corbettnationalpark-India is a subsidiary site of Xpertravels, has achieved several milestones and succeeded in grabbing worldwide attention.