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Press Release   •   Aug 21, 2012 11:52 IST

Swan Yoga in Goa is the finest yoga place in all over India. Here, we teach about different style or aasans of yoga's. Swan Yoga in Goa India is a big Orchid where we try to live in harmony with the nature around us. You are well known about how much necessary a quiet environment required for yoga. Surely you will find here the world's best yoga environment, that is much more required for the peace of mind and yoga training.

Yoga is one of India's oldest and most comprehensive soteriological traditions, which has developed a vast arsenal of physical and mental techniques geared to gain control over the nervous system in order to achieve, at will, conscious and supraconscious states of transcendence. In order to appreciate the unique contribution of Yoga to our understanding of the human condition, this age-old tradition is best viewed from the kind of broad perspective of the human potential that characterizes transpersonal psychology and psychosomatic medicine.

At the starting of human civilization yoga arose when man first realized his spiritual potential and began to evolve techniques to develop it; the yogic science was slowly evolved and developed by ancient sages all over the world. This yoga center is the best place for the yoga training, provides the best platform for Yoga in Goa. Here yoga is taught by the great Swami, who have great experience about Yoga. We provide special training or classes for yoga asana in goa and yoga pranayama in goa. With many years of experience we are here to provide you best yoga training in Goa. For more information please visit:- or mail us:

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