James Michel

YSHIELD EMR Protection Introduces EMF Protection Shield

Press Release   •   Feb 02, 2013 09:58 IST

New York, January 31st, 2013: YSHIELD, which is known for developing and producing electroconductive coatings and paints, is going to introduce EMF Protection Shield that will protect human beings from electromagnetic radiation. We all know well that electromagnetic radiations are harmful to us. The different sources of electromagnetic radiations include telephone towers, Wi-Fi hubs, EB boxes etc. These radiations can be damaging for the human brains and prove hazardous for human health. The solution to such increasing hazards is an electromagnetic shield. Y-Shield has proved to be very efficient in bringing out a solution for emf protection. It involves in production of electro conductive paintings that help to give protection from emf.

Y-shield offers several products for shielding from electromagnetic waves; one of the top selling products among them is its metal-free high-frequency shielding paint, i.e. HSF54.  This shielding paint effectively protects one’s home from the harmful electromagnetic waves. The attenuation achieved with is paint is 36 dB, which is adequate for shielding a house from the harmful electromagnetic frequency.

The products launched by this company are well tested in laboratory; and results prove that it would filter out almost 99% of the radiation in one single layer. Y-shield leads the market in manufacturing paints that  having capability of powerful shielding from all sorts of radiations emitted from mobile towers. It does not make use of any metals and primarily uses only a carbon mixture that makes it durable and also environmentally safe.