Trash to Treasure - Documentary on Upcycling

News   •   Feb 04, 2016 17:14 IST

This documentary featuring WasteLess tells you everything you always wanted to know about Upcycling.


Why WasteLess?

Press Releases   •   Jan 06, 2016 13:36 IST


The Clean Lab – Student Solutions for a Clean India

Press Releases   •   Oct 31, 2015 10:28 IST


We're getting a new website!

News   •   Sep 11, 2015 10:27 IST

It's been in the pipeline for over a year and now we're at the final stages! This might not seem like news for many organizations but for us, as a small non-profit without the funds to cover expensive web designer fees - its great news! We love the designs which were created by Impprintz design studio and coding by John at Office4! The count down to go live has started and we cannot wait!


Film Shoot in the Dump

Blog posts   •   Feb 03, 2015 11:52 IST


WasteLess Co-Founder Ribhu Vohra at TEDxDelhi

News   •   Sep 01, 2014 17:49 IST

Watch WasteLess founder Ribhu Vohra speak at TedxDelhi about waste management, founding WasteLess, Garbology 101, and how he's going to change the world one piece of garbage at a time.

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Ribhu was born and raised in Auroville (www.auroville.org), South India, with his sister and WasteLess co-founder... Show more

About WasteLess

Changing the world one piece of garbage at a time.

WasteLess is a non-profit social enterprise in Auroville, India, dedicated to bringing about change to the way we make, dispose of, and think about waste. WasteLess believes that each one of us can make a positive and tangible difference for a better and cleaner future. We're a young dynamic team of professionals from diverse backgrounds committed to changing the world one piece of garbage at a time.

WasteLess is based in the international township of Auroville, South India. To learn more about Auroville and its projects visit: www.auroville.org


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