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Kick-Start program launches to support international talents and companies in Skåne

Press Release   •   Feb 10, 2017 02:28 -12

Retaining talent in the region enabling companies to maintain and increase their competitiveness. Photo, Peter Malmgren

Companies in Skåne rely on highly skilled international talent to maintain and increase their competitiveness. On February 14, the Kick-Start Program in Lund begins and is aimed at retaining talent in Skåne by giving support to accompanying spouses or partners.

"The Kick-Start Program is one of the many steps being taken to better attract and retain talent in our region. Through the program, we will deliver tools that enhance the opportunity for accompanying spouses or partners to get a job here in Sweden, which can be a precondition for choosing to remain here." Says Lisa Andersson of the Lund International Citizen Hub.

“One of the most common reasons why foreign professionals choose to relocate away from here is that their partners have some difficulties entering the local labor market”, says Susanne Mattsson, Business Development Manager, Invest in Skåne.

"For Skåne to be an attractive place for people and businesses to operate in, it is crucial that we are able to keep the talent here. One way to accomplish this is to ensure that an accompanying partner and other family members enjoy it here. A current example of the need for highly skilled international talent is that of ESS, however it is just as important for additional companies here, Swedish or otherwise, to be able to attract and retain competent professionals. We know that this effort is important for the companies present here." She comments.

Two groups, 60 people total, will participate in the program that spans 11 weeks. Themes include how to apply for jobs and/or support based on one’s individual knowledge and skills, and general insight to the local labor market.

The initiative is taken by Lund International Citizen Hub and Invest in Skåne in cooperation with the Swedish Public Employment Service.

For further information please contact:

Lisa Andersson, Talent Attraction Developer, Lund International Citizen Hub, Municipality of Lund, mob. +46 (0)723-91 56 30

Susanne Mattsson, Business Development Manager, Invest in Skåne, mob. +46 (0)768-89 02 76

Ninni Benediktsson, Department head, Swedish Public Employment Service, mob. +46 (0)10-486 12 19

Invest in Skåne is the official business promotion agency for the southernmost part of Sweden, Skåne. We provide professional advice and services to international companies considering Skåne for future investments and we also assist regional companies in developing their international business.