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The number of employees working for foreign-owned companies in Skåne has risen by 19% during the period 2004-2011

Press Release   •   Feb 21, 2013 01:46 -12

This finding is included in a report produced by the Scandinavian consultancy company Oxford Research, which was commissioned by Invest in Skåne to compile statistics on the internationalisation of the region. The report’s analysis corresponds with the picture presented in the OECD’s Territorial Reviews 2012, suggesting that Skåne could well become one of the OECD’s most competitive regions.

The report also shows that Denmark, Norway, the UK and Germany are the countries with the biggest presence in Skåne.

The number of employees working for foreign-owned companies in Skåne has risen by 19% – from 68,000 to 81,000 – during the period 2004-2011. By way of comparison, the counties of Stockholm and Västra Götaland saw increases of 23% and 8% respectively, with the average for Sweden standing at 16% for the same period.

“Greater internationalisation means new workplaces in the region. Foreign investments also show faster growth and higher salary levels. They create positive effects,” says Stefan Johansson, Managing Director of Invest in Skåne.

Invest in Skåne contributed towards 21 international establishments and collaborations in Skåne during 2012, coming second in Sweden after Stockholm with 27 (Västra Götaland had 8), according to the national statistics from Business Sweden.

“We can also see an increase in the investments related to Asia.” Stefan Johansson concludes. 

Invest in Skåne’s mission is to attract foreign investment to the region, and to promote exports and internationalisation for businesses in Skåne. The aim is to strengthen Skåne’s industry and the international competitiveness of the region’s businesses. The company is part of the marketing group Business Region Skåne, which is owned by Region Skåne (85%) and Skåne’s municipalities (15%).