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Higher slope, longer skirun thanks to Amazon Web Services

Higher slope, longer skirun thanks to Amazon Web Services

Press releases   •   Mar 26, 2018 07:15 UTC

The Vilsta ski slope in Eskilstuna in the Stockholm region, will become 10 meters higher just in time for the winter season next year. All thanks to shaft masses from the construction of Amazon Web Services (AWS)’s data center in Eskilstuna.

Stockholm 1912 Summer Olympics 100th anniversary celebration

Press releases   •   Jun 08, 2012 11:43 UTC

During June 1-10 Stockholm celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Summer Olympics 1912. More than 600 Swedish former olympic competitors will be present. The highlight of the week takes place at Stockholm's Stadion on June 9 with a packed program of activities. The City of Stockholm will also wish good luck to this years olympic competitors as well as to the City of London.

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Olympic anniversary: 100 years of health

Olympic anniversary: 100 years of health

Documents   •   Jun 01, 2012 14:11 UTC

The 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm were successful. Sweden received significant international praise.The successes laid the foundation for the model that gave Sweden international athletic stars and a healthier people for whom sports and exercise are part of daily life:the government-funded sports movement. In Stockholm, opportunities for exercise and outdoor life are integrated into the city.

Olympic anniversary: From ten thousand to ten million guest nights in 100 years

During the 1912 Olympics, Stockholm was invaded by athletes and tourists from around the world. That put the city’s entire tourism industry to the test, raising concerns, but even more so, offering opportunities. New hotels sprouted up and Stockholm took its place on the international tourism map. Today, Stockholm is Europe’s second fastest growing capital city in terms of number of guest nights.

Olympic anniversary: 100 years of Innovation

Olympic anniversary: 100 years of Innovation

Documents   •   Jun 01, 2012 13:59 UTC

The 1912 Olympics in Stockholm were revolutionary for the Olympic Games and for sports in general in many ways. Not only was it the first Olympics with participants from all five continents, but several technical innovations first saw the light of day here, as did new ideas that expanded the games even further. The spirit of innovation has been a central theme throughout the history of Sweden.

Olympic anniversary: Stockholm Stadion, 100 years ahead of its time

The fifth Olympic Games were held in Stockholm in 1912. Many say they saved the modern Olympics. Why? Perhaps because the games were forward-looking in many ways: Stockholm Stadion, the main stadium, was built with an eye on the future. The progressive stadium became a model for similar arenas all over the world. And today, Stockholm Stadion is just as relevant as it was 100 years ago.