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​Stockholm exports its DNA to SXSW in Austin

​Stockholm exports its DNA to SXSW in Austin

Press releases   •   Mar 06, 2019 11:41 UTC

The unique DNA of Stockholm is built on progressive values that allow Stockholmers to be among the most innovative people in the world. The openness to new ideas, to diversity and inclusion, have contributed to the city’s ever increasing popularity among both talents and travelers. Now, Stockholm is bringing its DNA to SXSW in Austin, inviting anyone to be a Stockholmer.

​The world’s top songwriters gather in Stockholm

​The world’s top songwriters gather in Stockholm

Press releases   •   Jan 24, 2017 15:48 UTC

The Swedish capital strengthens its position as the powerhouse of sound as the world’s top songwriters gather in Stockholm for the Stockholm Songwriting Camp.

Stockholm is the world capital of Music Technology

Press releases   •   Jun 08, 2016 06:30 UTC

The Swedish capital is a hub for contemporary music acts and the birthplace of the new influential Music technology scene. To coincide with Symposium´s Brilliant Minds Conference, the Dennis Pop Awards and the Music Polar Prize, Invest Stockholm acknowledges Stockholm as a center for Music Technology and modern music with the report “Stockholm – the Powerhouse of Sound” and “That Place Where”.

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Stockholm Music Tech Ecosystem

Stockholm Music Tech Ecos...

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Stockholm - the Powerhouse of Sound

Stockholm - the Powerhouse of Sound

Documents   •   Jan 15, 2018 08:23 UTC

Stockholm is a place that acts like an incubator for ideas and where the tech and music industries respectively, have grown into world leaders. It’s in the intersection of these two successful hubs where synergies emerge. Here, innovations are transforming the music sector into a more transparent, accessible and democratic industry and offering new forms of entertainment in the process.