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Of all jewellery a woman collects over the course of her life, her engagement ring will always be the one she will truly cherish forever. Even those taking pride in not conforming to conventions will let go off their rebellious spirit in the eyes of a bent knee and a glimmering engagement ring. Infinity of London Jewellery offers a great selection of products fitting all pockets to make the purchase of this special item an enjoyable experience.

With the importance that it brings, though, an engagement ring requires careful consideration when being selected, as so to truly crown one’s love in the way it deserves. To do so, one may consider seeking suggestions from your significant other’s friends. They are more likely to have discussed the issue with your soon-to-be fiancé, and may help you in selecting the cut of the stones, the colour of the metal, or the size of ring you are to be looking for. Of course in such a process, secrecy is essential. Infinity of London Jewellery’s website will provide many such tips to help you find the perfect engagement for your special one.

The price fluctuations in engagement rings are a consequence of the varieties of stones that can be employed. Most of the time, the selected metal is not what will make or break a ring selection. To help one understand stone evaluations it is important to understand the 4C: Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat. Should you not be willing to make a millionaire’s financial commitment, a flawless diamond of the purest white ought not to be too heavy. On the other hand, with a diamond with the one or other imperfection, only noticeable under a microscope, may make it possible for you to consider a larger stone. The drop-down menus on each engagement ring at the Infinity of London Jewellery make it possible for you to browse and be well-informed throughout the selection process.

Current fashion trends are adding, in addition to the immortal engagement rings with “solitaires,” single stones, rings with other opportunities. These include rings of single stones, with diamonds set on their shoulders, or cluster rings with a protagonist diamond surrounded by other smaller ones, as was the case of the one received by Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge. Infinity of London Jewellery offers a selection of all these models, with designs ranging from modern to traditional. Likewise, it is possible to design one’s own ring and have our personal goldsmiths manufacture it for you.

Such a service based on custom requests is essential at a time that requires a highly personalised item as an engagement ring. Infinity of London Jewellery will help you throughout the process, answering your questions, collecting pictures and drawings as so to make the ring you truly dream of to crown your love. All of our rings are accompanied by a diamond certificate from a leading Gemmological Institute worldwide and will be shipped with an elegant box to your address of choice. If you feel ready to pop the magic question, it is time to go to www.infinity-jewellery.com and to start browsing to receive your fantastic item within two weeks from purchase.

Infinity of London  Jewellery has been involved in the British jewellery scene for over 18 years - Designing and manufacturing jewellery for the high street shops from our base in Hatton Garden, the heart of London’s jewellery industry.  Over this period Infinity jewellery  has gained a vast amount of experience and reputation as a firm in the jewellery trade.  

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