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16 novembre 2016 - Hitachi Data Systems presenta oggi il nuovo Hitachi Content Intelligence, una soluzione che arricchisce la gamma Hitachi Content Portfolio (HCP), la prima e unica soluzione per lo storage a oggetti a offrire capacità di ricerca e di analytics “adattive”, in base alle esigenze degli utenti.

I dati sono l’asset strategico di ogni organizzazione e Hitachi intende aiutarle nell’essere competitive in considerazione del mercato in cui operano, del timing e dell’importanza che le informazioni rivestono per ogni business.

HCP offre già i più elevati livelli di performance in termini di integrazione, sincronizzazione e condivisione e, da oggi, garantisce alle aziende la capacità gestire e sfruttare il potenziale dei dati in maniera stragegica.

Più di 1700 clienti hanno già scelto le soluzioni HCP come componente chiave della digital transformation del loro business.

Grazie a Hitachi Content Intelligence questi clienti possono da subito trasformare i dati in informazioni davvero rilevanti e fare in modo che le giuste informazioni vengano fornite alle persone giuste, nel momento più opportuno.

Con Hitachi Content Intelligence è possibile vincere la sfida di trovare e usare i dati più rilevanti e di valore, e contemporaneamente gestire la loro crescita esponenziale.

Attraverso l’aggregazione infatti i dati possono essere analizzati più facilmente e in modo più esaustivo, così da valorizzare il loro effettivo potenziale di business.

I clienti che stanno già utilizzando il portfolio HCP e Hitachi Content Intelligence confermano che il risparmio di tempo per investigare con profitto i dati si riduce da settimane a poche ore.

Precision Discovery e il National Archives and Record Administration (NARA) – ad esempio - hanno già scelto Hitachi Content Intelligence per risolvere i problemi più critici collegati alla trasformazione digitale del loro business; anche in presenza di una grande mole di dati non strutturati e di informazioni contenute in email,f oto, documenti e applicazioni.

I vantaggi di Hitachi Content Intelligence:

  • miglioramento della produttività e dell’efficienza grazie alla creazione di standard per la ricerca delle informazioni;
  • rafforzamento della capacità organizzativa a tutti i livelli grazie alla possibilità di accedere ai dati utili in modalità selfservice e con ricerche personalizzate;
  • beneficiare di nuove opportunità grazia alla capacità di estrarre, classificare, categorizzare e arricchire le informazioni;
  • ridurre il rischio di business collegato a dati non accessibili, o non analizzati
  • ottimizzazione a basso costo delle risorse di storage


Hitachi Data Systems Delivers Industry’s First and Only Object Storage Portfolio With Content Intelligence Capabilities

Hitachi Content Portfolio With Hitachi Content Intelligence Transforms Data Into Relevant Business Information Delivered to the Right People When It Matters Most

SANTA CLARA, CA (November 15, 2016) — Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE:6501), today announced Hitachi Content Intelligence, an addition to its trusted Hitachi Content Portfolio (HCP), making it the industry’s only object storage portfolio with search and analytics capabilities. The new intelligence solution rounds out the HCP portfolio, which already offers a seamlessly integrated cloud-file gateway and enterprise file sync and sharing, and continues to improves organizations’ ability to strategically manage data. More than 1700 customers have already adopted HCP as a key component in their digital transformation journey. With Hitachi Content Intelligence, these customers can transform data into relevant business information and deliver it to the right people, when it matters most.

Hitachi Content Intelligence addresses the challenges of exploring and discovering relevant, valuable and factual information across the growing number of data producers and siloed repositories that plague organizations today. By aggregating multistructured data, Hitachi Content Intelligence enables insights to be surfaced faster, data management and governance to be more complete, and to understand the distribution of organizational data based on its value to the business.

“Hitachi Content Platform has transformed the way we handle compliance investigations and cut the time needed for discovery searches from weeks to hours. Hitachi Content Intelligence is now an important and necessary part of our global compliance monitoring, discovery, and intervention architecture,” said Walter Hendricks, BA, CCEP-I, business change manager, Discovery & Intervention – Compliance Expertise & Operations, Rabobank

Rabobank serves more than 10 million customers in 47 countries, employs over 51,000 people worldwide and, like all financial institutions, is subject to strict regulations in each of the countries where it operates. The company needed a solution that would be efficient, flexible and comprehensive for current and future compliance investigations. With Hitachi, the bank now gives approved users all the data they need at their desks without having to ask for IT support.

Customers such as Precision Discovery, and the National Archives and Record Administration (NARA) have turned to HDS to solve their most critical digital transformation initiatives. With the seamless integration of Hitachi Content Intelligence, long-standing HCP portfolio customers are able to analyze their endlessly growing amounts of structured and unstructured data without having to turn to a third party.

The National Archives and Records Administration uses HCP and Hitachi Content Intelligence to store, preserve and make accessible their largest and most prominent electronic records collections to include emails, photos, documents and dozens of source applications that have been converted to open formats. “We selected Hitachi Content Intelligence over competing Solr-based implementations or building our own, due to its use of a flexible software developers kit and its integration with HCP. In addition, we know the architecture will not constrain what we want to do with the platform,” said Jason vanValkenburgh, vice president at Hitachi Consulting, which provides project management and application development for the project with HDS Federal and prime contract holder, ViON Corporation.

“Precision Discovery recognizes the value in HCP with Hitachi Content Intelligence in solving the parts of the litigation lifecycle that are the most difficult to manage. This platform allows us to build custom solutions that greatly reduce customer costs, increase visibility and manage risk. None of this is possible without the intelligence, extensibility and raw power of Hitachi Content Intelligence,” said Howard Holton, CIO, Precision Discovery

According to Scott Baker, senior director of Emerging Technologies at Hitachi Data Systems, “For today’s enterprises, data is the most strategic asset, and connecting the right people to the right data in a timely and meaningful way is critical to staying relevant and competitive in their market segment. Hitachi Content Intelligence lets customers organize, transform and package organizational data into factual information, making it invaluable to the business.”

With Hitachi Content Intelligence organizations can:

  • Improve employee productivity and efficiency by creating a standard and consistent enterprise search process across the entire IT environment.
  • Empower all levels of the organization with a self-service and intuitive out-of-the-box data exploration experience that includes support for detailed queries and ad hoc natural language searches.
  • Discover new insights faster throughautomated extraction, classification, enrichment and categorization of all of their data.
  • Minimize business risk and exposure from data that is inaccessible, dark, or has been lost, while improving the operational effectiveness of the business.
  • Optimize existing infrastructure by identifying infrequently accessed data and automate its relocation to a lower-cost object storage tier.

Key features of Hitachi Content Intelligence include:

  • Centralizes organizational data and transforms it into valuable and relevant business information.
  • Connects to and aggregates multistructured data across heterogeneous data silos and different locations.
  • Offers flexible deployment options that include physical, virtual, or hosted (public or private cloud).
  • Handles high degrees of scalability and availability with support for distributed and dynamic cluster sizes that can burst to more than 10,000 instances.
  • Maintains data sensitivity safely and securely by ensuring that only authorized users have access to specified results with integrations to authentication services, document-level security controls, and granular access policies.
  • Delivers personalized and self-service results that are tailored to the individual user or group that accesses the data.
  • Includes extensibility with published application programming interfaces that support customized data connections, transformation stages, or building new applications.
  • Deploys with an intuitive workflow designer, administration tools, and a guided data exploration and search application.

With Hitachi Content Intelligence, organizations can now connect to and aggregate data silos, transform, and enrich the data as it’s processed, and provide analytics across all the data stored on the platform -- making it the industry’s only object storage portfolio with seamlessly integrated cloud gateway, file sync and share, and data search and analytics capabilities.

About the Hitachi Content Platform Portfolio

The Hitachi Content Platform portfolio is the only offering that allows organizations to bring together object storage, file sync and share, cloud storage gateways, and sophisticated search and analytics to create a tightly integrated, truly secure, simple and smart cloud storage solution. HCP provides massive scale, multiple storage tiers, powerful security, cloud capabilities, broad protocol support, multitenancy and configurable attributes for each tenant, all backed by legendary Hitachi reliability. Designed to reliably hold data for long durations, HCP carries built-in data protection mechanisms and is designed to fluently evolve with storage technologies without the need for tape backup. Furthermore, HCP is able to address a wide range of challenges through a thriving community of third-party software partners. HCP eliminates the need to maintain separate systems for each workload. Customers enjoy faster time to value and service providers accelerate time to market by eliminating the hassles of do-it-yourself integration.

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