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Comunicato stampa   •   mag 10, 2016 11:08 CEST

PIANORO - Italy, April 11th 2016 - Wood is a material that lends itself to innovation in aesthetic design. Thanks to new technologies and new treatments, it’s now possible to lay wood flooring in every room of the house. While wooden flooring can evoke a variety of moods, parquet is always in style, thanks to the warmth of the wood and because its many colours and different shades can add character to both traditional and contemporary environments.

An ideal parquet must combine extraordinary strength, practicality and beauty. In case it is subject to treading, frequent falls of heavy objects or pets strolling around, it's better to choose a highly resistant wood flooring. Hardness and stability are fundamental requirements of the wood. While hardwoods are more difficult to scratch, the finish on the wood could look equally marked, if it is not elastic and highly resistant, to protect the floor from any mechanical stress or chemical spills.

Sayerlack, pushed by the spirit of innovation that has always characterised it and with long experience in the field of parquet and furniture, introduces new waterborne clear self-sealer AF 63**/00. This innovative product is the latest release from Sayerlack’s research and development team that addresses the need for advanced technology that builds upon the nature of wood, enhancing its beauty and quality.

The new waterborne self-sealer is a solvent-free, one component, acrylic polyurethane, non yellowing product free of hazardous solvents. Thanks to its chemical characteristics it shows excellent elasticity and surface hardness that confers high wear resistance.

The product is also highly versatile, applicable by brush, roller and spray, to always ensure an excellent aesthetic result thanks to the excellent deaerating, levelling and ease of retouch. An additional benefit is the possibility to apply AF 63**/00 directly on the wood, even on wood species with high tannin content which can bleed through, without pretreating the surface with a sealer.

As per the new norm UNI 11622-1:2016 on surface protective treatments, AF 63**/00 is suitable for use in residential environments. In particular the chemical resistance, low dirt retention, abrasion and scratch resistance are excellent.

Alessandro Pirotta, managing director for Sayerlack, said, “A hardwood floor is experienced in the moment, as we enjoy the quality of the finish and the warmth of the wood, and over time, with the hardness, the elasticity and the outstanding wear resistance helping the warmth and quality endure. This new waterborne self-sealer is prepared to stand up to the demands placed on wood floors both today and for years to come.”

Since 1866, Sherwin-Williams has provided manufacturers and finishers with the coatings they need to make their products look better and last longer, while helping their operations meet productivity and sustainability goals. Commitment to innovation, technological strength, and research and development, combined with our ability to listen to our customers’ needs, makes Sherwin-Williams the benchmark of industrial finishes for wood, glass, metal and plastics.

In 2010 The Sherwin-Williams Company purchased recognized international brands Sayerlack and Becker Acroma, creating a global leader in wood coatings. Today The Sherwin-Williams Company, which employs more than 45000 people, is the largest paint company in the United States and the third largest worldwide.

In Italy, Sherwin-Williams develops, manufactures and distributes products to more than 40000 customers in 80 countries under the Sayerlack, Linea Blu, OECE and Sherwin-Williams brands, and has three production plants: Pianoro (BO), Mariano Comense (CO) and Cavezzo (MO).

For more than 60 years, the name Sayerlack has been synonymous with innovative solutions for the treatment and finishing of wood. Sayerlack products stand out thanks to a strong tradition and commitment to innovation. In 1988, Sayerlack was the first company in Italy to produce waterborne wood coating.

Today, Sayerlack continues to strive to meet its customers’ evolving environmental compatibility, performance and innovation needs. Sayerlack products are able to meet the needs of all existing sectors in the wood industry - from furniture to carpentry, from outdoor structures to garden furniture, from shipyards to the building industry, from automotive interiors to musical instruments. In addition, the Sayerlack spirit of Italian innovation is expanding to include coatings for glass, metal, and plastic substrates. To learn more about Sayerlack, please visit or follow @SayerlackWorld on Twitter.