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New SAYERLACK HYDROPLUS AML 3390/13 PRIMER: the right white for the summer

Comunicato stampa   •   feb 18, 2016 12:49 CET

AML 3390/13 is a new, white, high dry residue, waterborne Sayerlack primer that covers and fills wooden beams and matchboarding splendidly.

Ideal for lidos, resorts and gazebos.

Its high dry residue fills the wood surface excellently, and its bright intensity of white guarantees longer life and a superb finish for items that are left outdoors.

AML 3390/13, is ready to use and easy to use, even with automatic application systems.

One or two coats of the product can be applied to obtain different degrees of cover and whiteness.

To obtain a higher level of protection against weathering for items treated with AML 3390/13 and exposed externally in extreme conditions, we suggest you apply a transparent Hydroplus topcoat that can be applied when the item is mounted.

As tour operators know, now is the perfect time to give your wood a new bright white look as summer is on its way!

Anywhere in the world and whatever the surface to be painted, Sherwin-Williams provides innovative solutions that guarantee the best results.

Commitment to innovation and sustainability, technological strength, commitment to research and development, ability to listen and serve markets with innovative solutions, effective and safe: Sherwin-Williams Italy today is the benchmark of the market finishes for wood, glass, metal and plastics, through recognized international brands.

In 2010 the American colossus of paints The Sherwin-Williams Company has purchased Sayerlack and Becker Acroma which held OECE brand, creating a global leader in wood coatings.

The Sherwin-Williams Company, which employs more than 30000 people, is the first paint company in United States and the third in the world. From January 1, 2013 the two legal entities Sayerlack S.r.l. and SWIC became one company: Sherwin-Williams Italy S.r.l.

Sherwin-Williams Italy has three production plants in Italy: Pianoro (BO), Mariano Comense (CO) and Cavezzo (MO), and distributes its products in more than 80 countries around the world, serving more than 40000 customers.

The company develops, manufactures and distributes its brand products, Sayerlack, Linea Blu, OECE and Sherwin-Williams.

Sayerlack is a brand of Sherwin-Williams Italy, in 60 years synonymous with innovative solutions for the treatment and finishing of wood.

Sayerlack products stand out thanks to a strong tradition and a strong innovative component. In 1988, thanks to major investments in technology and research and development, Sayerlack was the first company in Italy to produce waterborne wood coating. The results achieved in terms of environmental compatibility, performance and innovation, ensure today the european leadership in wood coatings.

Sayerlack brand is able to meet the needs of all existing sectors in the wood industry - from furniture to carpentry, from outdoor structures to garden furniture, from shipyards to the building industry, from automotive to musical instruments – in the glass and in the metal and plastic industry.

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