Thlcareers launches the new webiste dedicated to recruiting in tourism industry

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Commenting on the choice of Etna Valley for the new facility, Maurizio Mancuso, one of the firm's founders and Managing Director of the Company, said: "It was a tough decision; the management team had shortlisted three great locations for this new venture, Dublin, Ireland; Isle of Man, United Kingdom; and Etna Valley, Catania, Italy. Despite the fact that Italy is a very bureaucratic nation, we thought that Etna Valley was the right choice as it is one of the world's most attractive locations for ICT industries. The synergy with our partners, the excellence of the local industrial and educational infrastructure and the rich pool of talents will ensure that this choice contributes strongly to thlcareers's growth as one of the world's most important e-recruitment companies."The office will primarily serve the Italian market and extend to markets in Europe, Middle East and Africa, according to Maurizio Mancuso, “As tourism, hospitality & leisure e-recruitment Company, we needed a presence in one of the most exciting markets in Europe,” he said.“With our new office, we can expand our market and develop partnerships with more corporations, which will benefit thlcareers as a whole,” said Mancuso. “We plan to accomplish this by providing great service and quality services to satisfy our clients' needs". The Company strategy is to concentrate all its operations and operate all its departments from a single office. “Our headquarters will improve efficiency and partnerships between departments and functions which will directly benefit our members,” said Mancuso.


Thlcareers co-founder and Operations Director, Francesco Pardo, explains that the choice of the new office was made to allow the company to consolidate operations into one office, allowing for greater customer service. “When you can bring remote departments together into one space, you're going to make communicating across departments more efficient and effective,” explains Pardo. “Although we live in a digital age, nothing really compares to face-to-face communication. We're pleased to have everyone under one roof.”About thlcareersFounded in 2007, an international company specialized in on-line recruitment for clients in the tourism, hospitality and leisure industries, thlcareers aims to provide a centralized medium for the recruitment of professional staff. The company will provide advertisement services to recruiters that will effectively and efficiently reach their targeted audiences.MissionThlcareers aims to offer the most customized, highest quality advertising services for tourism, hospitality and leisure organizations seeking highly specialized employees and to operate a profitable business, which will be used to expand the concept. thlcareers core service elements:

• Fast and reliable

• Simple to use for both employers and job seekers

• Knowledgeable of the needs of tourism, hospitality and leisure recruiters

• Low cost (compared to the major e-recruitment companies in Italy)

• Innovative Services

About Etna Valley

Legally recognized in 1990, Etna Valley is the name of a modern hi-tech district located in the industrial district of Catania, Sicily, on the slopes of the largest volcano in Europe.

Home to the largest high-technology research and development centers in the south of Italy, with company such as ST Microelectronics, IBM, Nokia, INET (BT), Vodafone, to name just a few, in addition to many small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures. The ICT cluster in Etna Valley is comprised of companies from various sectors: Software Development, Business Services, Web Based & e-Commerce, Consultancy, Sales & Marketing and Back Office Operations.

Etna Valley has become an essential reference point in Italy's economic system: more than 1,200 firms, one thousand of them resulting from initiatives by very young local entrepreneurs; about 200 national firms which have chosen Catania to develop their businesses; and 23 multinationals. This has also resulted from the strong integration which has taken place across firms, local institutions and universities.

Maurizio Mancuso

Maurizio has over twenty years of international experience in the Hospitality Industry, the last fifteen in management roles with independent and multinational chains, such as Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Conrans Restaurants, City Centre Restaurants, and Pelican UK. He has been a Visiting Lecturer, teaching Hospitality Management at the Thames Valley University in London where he was in charge of a special project for Exchange Italian students. He as also been a Quality Assessor for the NOP World, Marketing Research Group in UK.He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with First Class Honors in Hospitality Management from the Thames Valley University in London and various Certifications in Human Resources, Marketing and Strategic Management from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.He is a Member of various International Management Associations.

Francesco Pardo

Francesco holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honors in International Communications from the University of Catania, a Master in Business Strategy, various Certifications in Languages and Communications from Moscow State University and from the “Maksim Gor’ki” College in Moscow.Francesco has experience in Marketing, Communications and New Media.He is member of various associations.


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Note to editors: If you are interested in viewing additional information on thlcareers, please visit the thlcareers Web page on thlcareers corporate information pages. Web links, telephone numbers and titles were correct at time of publication, but may since have changed. For additional assistance, journalists and analysts may contact thlcareers Rapid Response Team. is an e-recruitment website that offers the most customized, highest quality advertising services for tourism, hospitality and leisure organizations seeking highly specialized employees. core service elements:

• Fast and reliable
• Simple to use for both employers and job seekers
• Knowledgeable of the needs of thl recruiters
• Low cost (compared to the major recruitment companies)
• Innovative Services

At we intend to maintain a high service element to our business. In this way, we will seek to build up a high level of repeat business. Customer loyalty is vital to our growth.

We will provide a medium for recruitment advertising that is priced competitively against traditional print media and any other professional Italian / European e-recruitment websites.

Our advertisements will reach their target audience more effectively, while increasing accessibility to international audiences. Each service offers a comprehensive web-space which will provide a variety of customised services for both recruiters and job seekers, such as: listing of positions available for employment, detailed job descriptions, information about the facility, etc.

This interactive approach provides much more information than is possible with print media, and at a fraction of the cost of on-site recruitment visits. From the point of view of job seekers, it provides a wide variety of essential information, in an environment in which they can browse at their own leisure without feeling any pressure. It also relieves recruiters of the expense and often-tedious tasks of gathering and providing the same information to many different candidates.
With the extensive information provided by our web site, job seekers can better evaluate the suitability of the positions to their lifestyles. They will better understand their own preferences prior to initiating a formal application process. This will serve to limit the applicants to those who are genuinely interested in pursuing employment for each specific position.

The Job seekers section of our website will offer many services, such as: a log-in personal page, the possibility of creating their own profile, which will include a CV storing facility; e-mail alerts, when an employer is interested in their profile or a job has been posted that matches their criteria of search; newsletters, to keep them informed of various news about thl, researches, tips on employment issues etc.