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​Japan International E-Mobility Consortium has launched with the aim of connecting Japanese companies with foreign stakeholders in the industry

Press Release   •   Apr 06, 2018 11:24 CEST

The Aalto International Group has launched the Japan International E-Mobility Consortium (JIEC), which aims to connect Japanese companies with their global counterparts in the industry as well as organizations, government and other stakeholders in the E-Mobility industry.

The consortium will be based in Japan, and its main goal will be to foster international partnership. It is designed to function as a place for knowledge exchange, where the latest news and trends concerning the future generation of mobility are discussed and shared.

The architect of this consortium is Aalto International, which through its partner-company Aalto Liaison has fostered a global network of leading companies, governmental organizations, think tanks etc.; and has thus been able to enlarge cooperation opportunities and companies for Japanese companies back home.

The short-term goal, over the period of 2018-2019, is to establish contact points for members at a multitude of events, which are planned to include speakers from key influencers from Germany, UK, France, Netherlands, USA, China, Norway and India, among other countries.

“Over the years we have been working in the this field, Aalto International Group has been able to work on projects related to charging systems, electric motors and other related topics, and we feel like we have been able to build up crucial relationships with companies and influencers in the industry. At the same, we always felt the demand for opportunities to strengthen mutual understanding between Japan and international actors. This led us to create JIEC, which we hope will be one platform that can contribute to creating such a communication channel.”

Mariko Fukui Aalto International Group CEO,
Japan International E-Mobility Consortium Director, International Partnership

Japan International E-Mobility Consortium (JIEC)

Executive office: Aalto Liaison, Aalto International

Overview of JIEC: What are the advantages of joining JIEC

✔︎Networking opportunities, including private meetings, with global E-Mobility Organizations

✔Receiving the latest news & trends related to the global E-Mobility market

Member Benefits

✔ Supply of conference reports from related events all over the world

✔ Attendance of up to 6 seminar events per year

✔ Setting up of private interviews

✔ Access to an archive of past seminar reports and videos

Who can become a member?

✔ Person holding a managerial position working at a company related to future generation mobility in any way


✔ 1 year (renewal system)

For any enquiries related to membership:

Mariko Fukui

Director, International Partnership