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Increasing Number of Road Fatalities to Gain Market for Automotive Drive Recorder

ブログ投稿   •   2019年07月23日 17:13 JST

As indicated by the fact sheet of the World Health Organization (WHO), street traffic injuries are the main source of death among individuals aged in the range of 15 and 29 years. Around 1.25 billion individuals die each year because of street mishaps. Also, 90% of the World's fatalities on the streets happen in low and middle economical nations; however such nations have roughly 54% of the world's vehicles. Besides, the street accidents in nation cost 3% of their GDP which highly impacts the nation’s economy. Such factors results in expanded demand for vehicles which are outfitted with cameras for safety and security of the vehicle, driver, and travelers. As the cameras joined in the vehicle can give vulnerable side identification, sluggishness in detection is anticipated to essentially limit street accidents. Besides, street mishaps cause significant monetary misfortunes to people, their families, and to countries in general. Such losses emerge from the expense of treatment just as lost profitability for individuals disabled by their wounds or killed, and for the rest of family members, which thusly fuel the interest for car drive recorder, subsequently enhancing the market growth.