Hasegawa-Financial-Holdings Releases List of Top 10 Corporate Actions

プレスリリース   •   2015年08月22日 17:02 JST

Hasegawa-Financial-Holdings have released their annual assessment of the ten corporate actions likely to be causing the most headaches this year as a result of their particularly complex or unusual investments.

The list reflects the input of subscribers and corporate actions professionals and is compiled using a range of criteria from the breadth of affected securities to the level of complexity of the tax issues involved.

"With so much activity in cross-border mergers and breakups this year, transnational corporate actions involving multiple jurisdictions emerged as an area of particular concern," said John Kui, senior analyst atHasegawaFinancial Holdings. "As we see these trends continue into the remaining of the year and into the next year, we can reasonably expect to see an increased emphasis on changes and payments on debt instruments which must be analyzed".

"Regardless of any year-to-year trends we see in corporate actions, the need for accuracy is a constant," said Hiroshi Shimamura, senior product manager at Hasegawa Financial Holdings. "The reality is that every year we can expect to see a handful of exceptionally complex corporate actions, and these require a high level of expertise to unravel all the implications for shareholders and make sure the brokers get it right and minimize risk to their reputation."

"The list is a client only on demand document that will be sent to any client upon a designated request." said Yoshiko Nitori, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

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