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SG World Introduces Text-to-Speech: An innovative, virtual world featuring TTS voice for global English chat

プレスリリース   •   2012年07月11日 10:49 JST

SpeakGlobal: The next generation digital English conversation site, and developer of the world's first Artificial Intelligence chat robots with speech recognition for English language learning, is pleased to announce the addition of text-to-speech (TTS) in its SG World global chat site. SG World is the gateway to a Japanese virtual world for live voice or text chat in English.

Now, site visitors can experience automatic text-to-speech voice in designated chat rooms. Visitors simply type a text message on the screen. The written text will immediately appear above their avatar. Simultaneous audio of the text is heard automatically. The TTS speech features both male and female voices with natural, standard American English pronunciation.

SG World virtual world features 30 distinct chat rooms with varied scenery, functions and conversation goals. Each chat room allows for either voice chat, text chat, or a combination of both—and now text-to-speech voice. To aid members in conversation, the chat rooms feature a suggested topics list with 10 common topics and various questions listed for each topic, displayed in both English and Japanese.

The chat site is geared toward native English speakers around the world who have an interest in Japan and its culture. The site is an entry point for members to enter a chat room in SG World. Membership is FREE.

English is today’s global language. Millions of people in countries around the world learn English as a second or foreign language. Japan is one such nation. SG World makes English conversation practice possible—natural, everyday English. At the same time, it provides an opportunity for those in other countries to speak with Japanese learners of English, make new friends, and learn about another culture.

SG World chat site brings the world to Japan through English.

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