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Christmas trend 2009: Increase in demand for ethnic and fair trade products

Press Release   •   Dec 14, 2009 11:45 GMT

Ethnic jewelery is still hot. The African influence more or less dominated the catwalks in London, Paris and New York last season and the trend is continuing. According to fashion giant H&M, the large accessory trend for spring 2010 is further focusing on ethnicity.

Through a project which gives African women the possibility to support themselves and their families, you can now join the trend and buy climate smart and fair trade Maasai jewelery as Christmas gifts.

Basecamp Maasai Brand started in 2003 with the intention of helping poor women in the Talek region in Masai Mara to earn an income for themselves through creating traditional Maasai bead and leather work but with a modern twist. All of Basecamp Maasai Brand products are handmade and except from being stunningly beautiful often with colorful, graphic designs, the pieces also ensures the highest quality. The material used is thoroughly sourced in order to ensure it has the lowest possible impact on the environment. Basecamp Maasai Brand mainly work with Maasai glass beads and high quality leather but also try to utilize scrap metal and waste materials wherever possible. Even the thread used is made from disused plastic food bags, the strands of which are twinned together by hand.

- We have seen an increase in demand for the Maasai jewelery and we believe this a combination of the current ethnic fashion trend but also due to an increased conscience among consumers both when it comes to the environment and the conditions in third world countries, says Tina Frisk at Basecamp Foundation. To shop sustainably is not only a way to support but also the future way to shop, hence an apparent response against the consumerism of today.

The products can be ordered through Basecamp Maasai Brand and is as often as possible shipped with guests visiting Basecamp Explorer. When purchasing a product, part of the sum is going towards CO2 offsetting. The money goes towards planting trees in the Obama Forest at Basecamp in Maasai Mara.

What is it all about ?

This is a Basecamp Foundation Project. Basecamp and the Talek Maasai community appreciate your interest in Basecamp Maasai Brand.This project is an integral part of Basecamp’s responsible tourism concept. Your support is vital to our success.