[e-marketer] In South Korea, Facebook Is Companies' Social Network of Choice

News   •   Apr 03, 2013 12:00 +12

Companies in South Korea choose Facebook over blogs, local sites

Korean organizations have been ramping up  social media spending, and the focus is still on Facebook. According to a  February 2013 study conducted by KPR Social Communication Research Lab, 87.1% of companies  and public institutions surveyed said they were on Facebook, more than were on  any other social media platform.

Next most popular with South Korean companies were blogging platforms, which  79.1% had adopted. Otherwise, however, Korean organizations largely shunned  Korean-based social networks: Fewer than 15% of respondents had adopted either  me2day or Kakao Story.  Other US-based services besides Facebook were  considerably more popular, including Twitter (66.1%) and YouTube (42.6%).

The commitment of South Korean organizations to Facebook is striking  considering that Facebook is strong but by no means dominant in the country.  eMarketer estimates that 6.4 million of South Korea’s 24.6 million social  network users will be on Facebook in 2013, accounting for roughly 17% of the  country’s internet users.

Perhaps Facebook’s mobile and media capabilities are part of its appeal to  companies and institutions. When asked about the most important trend affecting  their social media plans in 2013 in South Korea, mobile PR strategy and  multimedia content were the two most widely cited issues.

Still, eMarketer estimates that social networking overall will reach 64% of  internet users in South Korea this year, suggesting that there is a blind spot  among companies in the country about where else they could be connecting with  consumers.