Highly Accurate Early Screening Technology for Dyslexia Launches in US Education Market

Press Releases   •   Nov 04, 2017 07:08 GMT

Lexplore, a Swedish educational technology company announces the launch of its dyslexia and reading difficulties assessment technology in the US. Lexplore’s rollout follows recent studies in the US that support its accuracy. Lexplore allows for schools to discover the risk of dyslexia earlier and with more accuracy so that students can get the learning resources in time.


Top School for Dyslexic Students Partners with Lexplore to Advance Assessment Technology

Press Releases   •   Nov 04, 2017 06:59 GMT

Lexplore, an educational tech firm with a unique artificial intelligence-based tool for dyslexia screening of young children, has formed a partnership with the Schenck School and the Dyslexia Resource Trust (DRT), to make early dyslexia screening more accessible to elementary school systems.


Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough Leads to Rapid, Early Detection of Dyslexia

Press Releases   •   Nov 04, 2017 06:40 GMT

It is estimated that 10-20% of the world’s population has dyslexia. Many people with dyslexia are never identified, and struggle all their lives without knowing why. Now a breakthrough technology from Lexplore, a Stockholm-based educational technology company, is able to rapidly screen young readers in their first years of Elementary school and determine if they are at risk for dyslexia or not.


New Swedish dyslexia screening method achieves 90% accuracy in US studies

Press Releases   •   Oct 03, 2017 14:00 GMT

Lexplore, the Swedish-based educational technology company that is launching its new method for dyslexia screening this year in the US and the UK, has completed validation studies in the US. The studies support an overall accuracy of impressive 90% in predicting the risk of dyslexia.


New name. Same concept.

Press Releases   •   Apr 28, 2017 13:53 GMT

“A step from technology to humanity” The Swedish edtech company Optolexia is changing name to Lexplore as part of of their international launch. However, the name change carries no changes in the organization.


New research supports Optolexia’s method for early identification of dyslexia

Press Releases   •   Dec 19, 2016 11:21 GMT

Researchers behind the newly-established Swedish company Optolexia have developed a method for early identification of dyslexia that could revolutionize conditions for children whose schooling is adversely affected by reading and writing difficulties. 


Ground-breaking approach to early identification of dyslexia soon ready for UK schools

Press Releases   •   Oct 05, 2016 09:48 GMT

Eye-tracking technology, artificial intelligence and decades of academic research enable Optolexia, a Swedish firm, to launch a ground-breaking screening method for early identification of dyslexia. The system is planned to be available in the UK by the first half of 2017.

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Lexplore offers an objective screening method that can rapidly identify children at risk of dyslexia in the first years of primary school. Our method supports confident decisions on whether an individual needs supplementary support, and if further assessment is necessary. This optimizes use of school resources to the benefit of students, staff and the community. Sweden-based Lexplore now offers its screening service to schools in the US, the UK and Sweden. The company is based on long-term research at renowned Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.


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