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Press release   •   Nov 19, 2015 11:45 EAT

In November 2015, Red City PR, a new agency offering innovative solutions for communications and production services, was launched in Marrakech by four experts with international backgrounds in branding, marketing and PR.

Red City PR takes communications to the next level in Morocco and offers full service for Morocan clients wishing to improve their performance as well as support for international companies who are entering the Moroccan market or looking to use Morocco as part of their communication. Red City PR is the first truly international communications agency in Morocco with a strong local know-how.

Our agency is a results-oriented one-stop-shop for communications committed to building strong brands, creating positive awareness and increasing sales for our clients. Red City PR is also the go-to English language agency for professional and trouble-free support for photo and film shoots in Morocco”, says Maryam Montague, the agency’s lead for digital and social media.

Our team draws its strength from high level experience in multiple countries, combined with in depth local Morocco knowledge. Our backgrounds include work with a wide spectrum of companies and organizations, from small to large, commercial to non-profit, listed and unlisted, as well as government bodies and agencies”, explains Per Sjödell, the agency’s lead for strategy and brand building.

Our competence comes from working in retail, fashion, publishing, film, theater, tourism, hospitality and design, as well as government programming. Red City PR has a wide network, both in Morocco and internationally. We call ourselves “GLOMO”, global and Moroccan”, says Patrick Benjaminsson, the agency’s lead for PR, CRM and marketing.

We develop cost-effective and creative solutions for our clients, particularly those who are looking for excellence in branding, performance and creating buzz in Morocco. Red City PR works with Moroccan companies who want to improve communications as well as international companies who want to enter the Moroccan market.” elaborates Chris Redecke, the agency’s lead for productions, legal, scouting and logistics.



With a distinguished career of professional work in 30+ countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, combined with over a decade of Morocco experience, Maryam brings to the team international expertise and local savvyin communications. She has worked with government agencies, non-profit organizations and the media, ranging from the US Agency for International Development and British DFID, to CNN. A multiple winner of the International Weblog Awards, Maryam is one of the continent’s leading social media experts. She has provided training on social media strategies and public speaking techniques in Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, and Morocco. A celebrated author, stylist and social entrepreneur, Maryam has been featured in 100+ media outlets. Maryam acts as the team’s lead for social media strategies & execution, copy writing, and public speaking, as well as the firm’s principal liaison for government agencies and social businesses.


With over 20 years’ experience in strategic communications, global brand building and sales creation, Per brings executive leadership to ourteam. He has extensive knowledge of retail and FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) including fashion, food, interior design and omni-channel/e-commerce. He has served as Managing Director of Fiskars (including the iconic brands, Iittala and Royal Copenhagen), as Chairman of the fashion chain Lindex, and Managing Director of the fashion brand Gant. His work in PR and communications includes as, Chairman of the design & brand agency, Identity Works, Project Director of the Abrakadabra Advertising Agency, Communication s Manager of ICA, and Global Marketing Director of fashion powerhouse, H&M. Per serves as our firm’s lead on executive communications and brand building and will act as the principal liaison for fashion brands and FMCG.


A foremost expert in in communications, marketing, PR and sales, as well as brand and business development, Patrick brings to our team solid competence in communication strategies, digital and social media, direct marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). With a background in film, theater and publishing,he has served as Head of Communications (brand, marketing, PR & sales) at the Royal Dramatic Theatre of Sweden, Business Area Manager and Marketing Manager for Norstedts Publishing Group, Marketing Manager for the film company, Sandrew Metronome, and Product Manager for the American publishing company, Reader’s Digest. Patrick acts as our team’s lead in marketing, PR, CRM, and TV & film productions, and is the firm’s principal liaison for companies within the cultural sector.


As an American trained architect, entrepreneur, and project manager, Chris Redecke brings to the team three decades of “getting things done” in South Asia and Africa, including 14 years in Morocco.He has a background working in architecture and construction, including with John Sandy Associates, MacNamara Architects, and Imagine Design, as well as in project management and sourcing with life style brands, such as Peacock Pavilions and Tory Burch. He has a wide network within the Moroccan service sector and a solid understanding of Morocco’s legal system, including permit requirements for shoots & business operations. Chris serves as the team’s lead for sourcing, scouting and team logistics, and also acts as the firm’s principal liaison for work with architecture, construction and hospitality industries.

For further information:

PATRICK BENJAMINSSON +212 (0) 664 592 062

MARYAM MONTAGUE +212 (0) 661 494 007

CHRIS REDECKE +212 (0) 664 414 653

PER SJÖDELL (0) 616 050 149


Red City PR is a full service Communications Agency & Production Services.

We are a global team of senior professionals based in Marrakech. Red City PR is a passionate and results-oriented one-stop-shop for communications committed to building strong brands, creating positive awareness and increasing sales for our clients.

We support international companies entering Morocco as well as Moroccan companies wishing to improve their communications and performance. We are also the go-to English language agency for professional and trouble-free support for photo and film shoots in Morocco.

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