Calibrating your lathe has just got even easier!

Press Releases   •   Jun 16, 2016 11:52 GMT

With MEAX MT20, your service technician can get complete control over a lathe's geometric status in less than 30 minutes. The four wireless sensors measure the lathe's geometry and movements in four simple steps.

MEAX MT30 - Full kontroll av geometrin i verktygsmaskinen

Press Releases   •   May 10, 2017 14:13 GMT

Kalibrerar maskinen och ger rapporter på plats MEAX senaste paketlösning MT30 kalibrerar verktygsmaskinen med nio funktioner som ger användaren fullständig kontroll av geometrin med hjälp av enkel vägledning.

MEAX Level – the future of tooling machine measurement

Press Releases   •   Jun 15, 2016 08:23 GMT

ACOEM is starting a new brand to launch a revolutionary new measuring tool. With the aid of a wireless mobile connection MEAX Level can balance the tooling machine within the space of a couple of minutes. MEAX Level comes with Bluetooth with which to connect to the smartphone via the MEAX Level app. The product also measures two angles simultaneously in the same reading.

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About Meax

The future of machine measurement.

As ever-increasing demands are being placed on machine tools, we have arrived at the conclusion that an optimally functional machine forms the basis for better business. Modern machine tools must maintain a high level of flexibility, a high degree of utilization and a minimum downtime which calls for the correct geometry in all the machine’s movements.
So we created MEAX and started to sketch solutions for machine tool measurements that, in our opinion, are so self-evident that they should have been developed a long time ago. By performing fast measurements, possessing a logical user interface, smart applications and fewer complicated functions, we can now build a future for machine tool measurement.


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