People who won Millions while the rest of us were sleeping!

News   •   Aug 17, 2015 11:13 GMT

While most of us try to will away our sleepless nights by staring up at the ceiling and counting sheep, others are spending their time more productively. Although the bright lights and rush of adrenaline is likely to make that elusive slumber even more unlikely, online slot games can be a great way to pass the time. And these big winners know exactly that, as they clicked their way to life changing jackpot prizes while the rest of us were away in the land of nod.

Celebrating in your pyjamas

One of these lucky winners is Cathy Ruela, a woman from Morris County, New Jersey. In 2014, she was sat at home in her pyjamas when she landed the state’s biggest ever online payout since gambling went live following new regulation.

Late at night on the 6th November, she visited and clicked over to the Millionaire Genie slot game. Her 15-line bet unlocked the Genie’s Treasure Chest feature and ended up landing her a prize worth $1,334,641 (€1,202,710).

Cathy had no idea just how much she had won at first. The seven figure sum was too large to fit in the online jackpot display, causing some confusion. “I was betting and betting and all of a sudden, I hit the jackpot. It was pretty amazing,” she said. “It was late at night. I was trying to read the decimal point, but the number was too big to fit. I called my husband and said, ‘what does 1, 3, 3, 4, 6, 4, 1 mean?’ He said, ‘You won more than a million dollars.’” Cathy added that the online win was just as thrilling as being in any live casino, “and even better, I got to celebrate in my pyjamas at home.”

She is planning to spend her winnings on paying off the mortgage on their family home, as well as setting up a college fund for their son and going on a vacation over the winter. “It’s going to be a great Christmas for our family.”

Sleepy surprises

Cathy isn’t the only one who had her dreams come true in the middle of the night. At 3.47am in the early morning of 23rd April, Monica from Sweden found herself wide awake. She decided to pay a visit and play a few spins on the Arabian Nights slot game.

Little did she realise that she had landed the €2,633,036 jackpot prize and become Guts first ever millionaire in the process. Knowing she had won something, but not realising just how much, she continued to play a few more spins before heading off to bed.

It wasn’t until the morning after, when the team at Guts called to congratulate her, that she realised just how big a boost her bank balance would be getting. Answering the phone call with confusion, Monica took some convincing before it finally all sunk in. It came as quite the shock with Monica saying, “I think I might have a heart attack.”

After her pulse returned to a normal rate, Monica started celebrating. When asked how she was planning to spend the millions, she said, “I will pay off my mortgage, help out my children and my grandchildren, donate some money to charity and then enjoy a little travelling with my family.”

Late night record breaking

Most of us are too preoccupied dreaming away to achieve anything at night. This wasn’t the case for a lucky 20-year-old man from Norway though. One sleepless night on 24th September, 2011, the anonymous player was busy setting the Guinness World Record for the largest jackpot payout in an online slots game on NetEnt’s Mega Fortune.

He won an eye-watering €11,736,375 prize while playing at and claimed a place for himself in the history books as well. After such a massive win, it took the player until 6am to calm down from the shock and finally be able to drift off.

Huw Thomas, the Head of, said, “It’s great for to be a part of the record books but even better to be acknowledged for such a great payout.” He added, “We work extremely hard to deliver online entertainment with the biggest payouts and the fastest withdrawals. It’s a tremendous accolade for the site and we’re proud to be an Official Guinness World Record Holder.”