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H.MIL Releases Upbeat R&B/Electronic Fusion EP “Call Home”

Press release   •   Apr 11, 2019 10:01 GMT

H.Mil teams up with producer Don Fuego to release his first EP, “Call Home”. The EP has a perfect fusion of R&B and modern electronic/latin vibes. Undoubtedly, H.Mil showcases his talent in every song. With such a young career, H.Mil has a unique sound that can resonate with listeners across the globe. Each song on the EP is a story and experience filled with knowledge. Furthermore, he shows his versatility fusing two genres together. H.Mil showcases his ability to storytell through his music. In today’s current music scene, Call Home is what the radio and club needs.

Keep an eye out for H.Mil as his stories are not finished, and has more music to show the world.


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About H.MIL:

H.Mil, otherwise known as Henry Milford, is an R&B pop artist hailing from the U.K. and currently based out of Dubai. H.Mil brings a fresh electronic and hip-hop fusion to his genre-crossing music with a commercial draw. He has only been making music for the past three years yet each song is filled with wisdom and knowledge. Through lyrical storytelling, he lets the listener understand his years of experience. H.Mil is an up-and-coming artist to keep your eyes on and ears open. Though significantly new in the music world, his songs speak experience and talent.

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