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RAMSEY releases The Art of Survival 10.12.19

Press release   •   Sep 19, 2019 10:19 GMT

RAMSEY releases The Art of Survival 10.12.19

The enigmatic 23-year-old, Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer — follows up her internationally acclaimed, self-titled EP with a new nine song album.

The Art of Survival is a concept album whose story and characters are inspired by life in Las Vegas and Los Angeles and will certainly resonate with those living in any major city on Earth.

“The Art of Survival” takes us on Darwinian journeys from main street to the underground.

Ramsey’s music is used in film and television and most recently “Love Surrounds You” from her 2017 self-titled EP was recently featured on the HBO series “Euphoria.” As a break from distilling over one hundred songs she had written into the nine featured on “The Art of Survival,” Ramsey put her own spin on two of her favorite songs, The Cure’s “Cold,” released Christmas 2018, and “Slave” released for Valentine’s Day this year.

The Art of Survival began its expedition in June 2019 when Ramsey released the first single and video from The Art of Survival, “Dark Side,” followed by “Red Light” in August and “Ugly when I’m Honest” on Sept 20.

Ramsey’s unique sound draws from a wide range of inspirations, combining elements of pop, alternative rock, trip hop, alternative R&B and electronica all of which support her evocative vocals.

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