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The Business Software Directory, Buissy.com, Releases V0.97, With Updated User Interface.

Press Release   •   Nov 07, 2011 19:49 GMT

The software directory including Business Software for almost 40 areas, Buissy.com, has released version 0.97 of the site. This is the last release before release of version 1.0,  that is to be released later in November.

To prepare for version 1.0, Buissy.com has developed the payment process to make it possible for software vendors to easily purchase services from Buissy.com.

Besides providing for payment processing, the following functionality is added to the business software directory:

* Redesign of parts of the user interface
* List of the most visited software categories
* List of the most visited products. On the first page you will see the most visited products in the whole site and for each category the most visited per category will be visible.
* Advertisement possibilities for software vendors for both first page as well as for each category

As a business software directory, Buissy.com is now established as one of the three most visited business software directories on Internet.

This is very much due to the fact that the SEO work has started to take effect on the search engines combined with the ease for people to find the software they are looking for.
Buissy.com is now on top 10 on the major search engines of more than 10 phrases making it more attractive for software to be listed and therefore found easier.

Version 1.0 that will be released later this month and will include functionality for bidding on featured listings for software vendors. This will give possibilities for companies to choose what kind of visibility they want. It will also be possible to choose different membership models to have total flexibility in what services at Buissy.com companies wish to subscribe to.

The business software directory will be released in several more languages to give opportunities for even more markets in using Buissy.com. Some more languages will most likely be available by version 1.0 following more languages at later releases.

Go to http://www.buissy.com or contact us on info@buissy.com for more information. You can follow as at http://www.twitter.com/buissy for daily news on what is happening.

Founded in 2010, Buissy.com is the first online business software marketplace targeting both local as well as international markets. Buissy.com, with expertise from both the purchaser side as well as the software vendor side, is a website with efficiency and user experience in mind.
During 2011, Buissy.com increases the Business Software Directory steadily to offer the best products to the purchasers within the category of interest. The marketplace functionality increases to become the main communication platform between software vendors and purchasers.
The Business Software Directory gives possibility to find software in around 40 business areas, like for example Accounting Software, Project Management Software, Time Management Software, CRM Software and Help Desk Software.