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The Business Software Directory, Buissy.com, releases version 0.5 of the portal for Business Software

Press Release   •   Feb 13, 2011 10:48 GMT

Buissy.com, the Software Directory for Business Software, has released version 0.5 of the website.

Version 0.5 includes functionality to increase quality of the leads that are sent to the software vendors, as well as making it possible for software purchasers to find software and evaluate the software already at Buissy.com.

Every product at Buissy.com has its own product information page, now including extensive information about the product. As a software vendor you are now able to include into the product information:

Long description of the product

Logo• Category information

Screen shots of the application

YouTube demo video

Buissy.com is launching a membership program from version 1.0, but at the moment all products are shown as if the vendor is Platinum Member, including the possibility of free advertising. Besides the free membership, Buissy.com is offering Silver, Gold and Platinum memberships. What is included in each membership is described on the membership page.

Go to http://www.buissy.com or contact us on info@buissy.com for more information.

About Buissy.com
Founded in 2010, Buissy.com is the first online business software marketplace targeting both local as well as international markets. Buissy.com, with expertise from both the purchaser side as well as the software vendor side, is a website with efficiency and user experience in mind.
During 2011, Buissy.com increases the Business Software Directory steadily to offer the best products to the purchasers within the category of interest. The marketplace functionality increases to become the main communication platform between software vendors and purchasers.
The Business Software Directory gives possibility to find software in around 40 business areas, like for example Accounting Software, Project Management Software, Time Management Software, CRM Software and Help Desk Software.