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The Business Software Directory, Buissy.com, Releases Version 1.0

Press release   •   Dec 08, 2011 22:34 GMT

The software directory including Business Software for almost 40 areas, Buissy.com, has released version 1.0 of the site. This is the first real version of the site but Buissy.com has during the beta period already grown to become the third most visited business software directory in the world.

Buissy.com is a business software marketplace where purchasers can find business software in numerous areas and news about that software - All in ONE place.

It is important that purchasers feel that they are able to find software easily including information they want to read to be able to get further in their evaluation of what software to use. This is why Buissy.com not only lists products but also include a product information page for all products with extensive product information.

Purchasers can easily find the product they are looking for using the product filter. If on the first page you are able to filter on products included in one or more categories and if you have stepped into a category you may filter on product features. All to be able to find the product you are looking for in minutes or even seconds.

Buissy.com shows extensive information about business software and with an easy user interface. All products, even the products that don’t pay for their listing, have their own product information page. The product information pages include information like product information, company information, product features, price, language information, screenshots and YouTube video. Software vendors are also able to publish news about their products.

Software vendors are given different alternatives to market products, including free listing. These options include possibility to have ads in different sections and bid between vendors to control on what position the product is listed.

The business software directory will be released in several more languages to give opportunities for even more markets in using Buissy.com. Today Buissy.com is available in English and Swedish. French and Italian are being prepared and German, Spanish and Russian is coming shortly.

Go to http://www.buissy.com or contact us on info@buissy.com for more information. You can follow as at http://www.twitter.com/buissy for daily news on what is happening.

Founded in 2010, Buissy.com is the first online business software marketplace targeting both local as well as international markets. Buissy.com, with expertise from both the purchaser side as well as the software vendor side, is a website with efficiency and user experience in mind.
During 2011, Buissy.com increases the Business Software Directory steadily to offer the best products to the purchasers within the category of interest. The marketplace functionality increases to become the main communication platform between software vendors and purchasers.
The Business Software Directory gives possibility to find software in around 40 business areas, like for example Accounting Software, Project Management Software, Time Management Software, CRM Software and Help Desk Software.