Amerikansk BitCoin guru omfavner ny cryptovaluta - Titus Coin

Press Releases   •   Nov 07, 2017 10:17 GMT

Den legenadriske radioverten og BitCoin guruen, Mr.Rho kommer med svært positive uttalelser om den nye cryptovalutaen Titus Coin. Mr. Rho når via sitt radioprogram på radiokanalen over 2 millioner lyttere verden over. Han har oppnådd sin status som guru etter å ha forutsatt med utrolig presisjon utviklingen av BitCoin, både i utbredelse og verdiutvikling.

BitCoin guru endorses new cryptocurrency -Titus Coin

Press Releases   •   Nov 07, 2017 09:47 GMT

The legendary Mr.Rho who via his radio shows on reach over 2 million listeneres, is strongly endorsing the new cryptocurrency Titus Coin. The Swedish and Ukrainan IT team behind Titus Coin is led by Mr. Robert Jacobsson. They have created this new currency which Mr. Rho predicts to become a global success. Titus Coin is a merchant oriented payment system, a modern BitCoin.

Swedish embraces the digital currency Titus Coin

Press Releases   •   Oct 13, 2017 14:24 GMT

The Swedish marketplace, has signed a LOI to become one of Titus Coin beta testing merchants. has been updated and is aiming to go from today’s 140 online stores to 1.000 in their marketplace over the next coming 12 months. Webgallerian have one joint checkout solution for all affiliated stores where Titus Coin will be one of the possible methods for payments.

BitCoin guru says Titus Coin could raise to 1,000 USD value

Press Releases   •   Nov 22, 2017 14:48 GMT

As one of the most respected experts in the cryptocurrency world, the legendary Mr.Rho via his radio shows on reaches over 2 million listeners globally. It is on this show that Mr. Rho in an interview with Titus CTO Mr. Robert Jakobsson, indicated that he believes the Titus Coin could reach the magic 1,000 USD value over the next couple of years.

Natfarma - leading Spanish parapharmacy to accept Titus Coin digital currency

Press Releases   •   Oct 23, 2017 14:00 GMT

The acceptance of Titus Coin among merchants has reached Spain. The leading parapharmacy NatPharma with both online and retail presence have chosen to be one of the first merchants to accept Titus Coin as payment. Titus Coin is a fast growing crypto currency backed by EUR and with advanced BitCoin type blockchain technology.

Titus Coin establishes the Titus Investment Fund

Press Releases   •   Oct 20, 2017 13:22 GMT

Titus Coin has always aimed to have a cryptocurrency running on blockchain technology for general spend that it would be backed by assets. As part of the process the VIP Coin Sparkassa has established Titus Investment Fund (TIF) to hold the assets backing the coin. The VIP Coin Sparkassa will be responsible for the coin liquidity, merchant settlements and overseeing the fund growth

Titus ICO - over 1.2 mill € and coin value will double on Sunday!

News   •   Oct 18, 2017 13:54 GMT

Titus Invest experience a lot of interest about their ICO. "In the first half week after the ICO opened we have raised over 1.2 million €", Titus Invest CEO, Maxim Moneta reveals. "As the coin price will be doubled at the end of this week, we hope to see even more interest as we move forwards."

Great start for Titus Coin ICO

News   •   Oct 16, 2017 11:20 GMT

Titus ICO started yesterday, Sunday 15th October. On the first day, which was not even a banking day, the ICO raised 250,000€ in investments from individuals in several countries. Next Sunday the price per Titus Coin will raise from 1.00€ to 2.00€ per coin. And during the weeks until the end of the ICO, 19th November, the price will go up to 5.00€ per coin.

Moljens Cafe och Grill will accept Titus Coin digital currency

Press Releases   •   Oct 13, 2017 14:53 GMT

Moljens Cafe and Grill in Huddiksvall, Sweden , is a typical summer restaurant. A very popular place, with great water views and an attractive menu, Moljens Restaurant and Grill is a good choice for the people in Huddiksvall. To make sure they stay in the forefront of the new monetary revolution and prepare for tourists from all over the world, Moljens will accept payents with Titus Coins.

Titus Coin, a new way to pay – Initial Coin Offering

Press Releases   •   Oct 11, 2017 14:50 GMT

The Titus Coin is an asset-backed cryptocurrency that is designed to solve a number of issues associated with everyday purchases using this new form of currency.

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About Titus Invest Ltd - Titus Coin

Titus Coin - a EUR backed crypto currency to be used everywhere

Titus Coin is a digital currency using BitCoin type blockchain technology. This allows for secure, instant payments globally. Titus seeks to create systems and apps making Titus Coin payments and transfers simple and safe.