Paradise Village

Daily Tours from Paradise Village to Children of the Dump

Blog post   •   Nov 15, 2010 13:59 CST

Each day at Nuevo Vallarta's Paradise Village a shuttle filled with tourists departs for the Puerto Vallarta dump, armed with toys for those living in the depths of poverty.

For the tourists coming from North America who embark on this tour of goodwill, often a suitcase is delegated as a container to bring down hand-me-down clothing and toys, already given a child enjoyment, can once again provide a child with laughter, fun, and the feeling of being loved.

Visiting the children of the dump often strikes a chord in the heartstrings knowing that something seemingly as insignifigant as a used soccer ball can bring such joy to a child, someone who understands what going without truly means. The children are often put to work at such a young age that a childhood as we know it just doesn't happen for them.Visiting them at their homes is often akin to Santa visiting the neighborhood children on Christmas eve.

Visiting the children of the dump is one of the many activities Paradise Village provides on a daily basis, ensuring all members of the family have an opportunity to engage in an activity.Other daily activities include Mexican fiestas, pool parties, cookie baking, scavenger hunts, etc.

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