Grand Miramar Club and Spa

Puerto Vallarta Teen Caught in Spree of Recent Thefts Thanks To Grand MIramar Club and Spa

Blog post   •   Feb 08, 2011 19:46 CST

Recently police in Puerto Vallarta have been investigating alarming numbers of theft complaints from residents of the area and yesterday were able to catch him red handed thanks to Grand Miramar club and spa. He was caught while attempting to climb through the window of a second story apartment building. Police were lead right to the thief by the GPS in the vehicle that the thief stole, which had been borrowed from Grand Miramar.

The SUV, borrowed from Grand Miramar by some of their timeshare guests, has a GPS tracking system to help tourists find their way around town. When the family who borrowed the vehicle returned from a day at the beach to drive back to Grand Miramar they found the SUV had been stolen. They immediately called the front desk at Grand Miramar and within the hour the police had the young man in custody.  

As it turns out the thief is responsible for many of the thefts in the area including a spree of grand theft auto. Most of the things stolen were recovered and can be claimed. The young man goes to court Wednesday and there has been no comment from Grand Miramar on weather they are going to press charges or not.