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Humpback Whales Are Back In Neuvo Vallarta's Waters

Press Release   •   Nov 26, 2010 11:46 CST

Every year, between December and March, the season officially opens for
Humpback whale sightings in Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit.

Setting sharpens the eye and then identifies a extremely smooth surface, the shape of
giant foot. "That's the mark," he says. It could be that of a Yeti, only that the mark
observed on the surface of the sea and the waters of Banderas Bay. Who ever will
board the yacht knows very well what they are about to witness and can not
with exaltation.

I have been looking for over two hours without luck. There is an almost sepulchral silence
on the boat. Suddenly overlooks the back of a small calf, then that of the mother. A general sigh precedes exclamations.

Each year, Riviera Nayarit is visited by one of the largest mammals world, the humpback whale, which provides a breathtaking spectacle to those who have opportunity to enjoy it.

The official season for watching the 2011 begins on 8 December and ends next March 23. The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) has advanced in the region to be awarded 200 permits watching service to the same number of boats, whose crews have been able to get the best experience without affecting cetaceans and their life wild.

For the expert sailor as Marco, the humpback whale is much more than a hobby. So the captain of Isis has been used to follow their track and not in a figurative sense, but as the most seasoned of hunters on foot. "But here is what is shoot cameras, "he smiles.

Humpback whales have begun to arrive, Marco knows this and although the tour now da is Marietas, never missed an opportunity to show tourists to this couple who already walks around the bay of flags. He simply followed the trail.

When a whale swims in the depths, the movement of the tail causes turbulence to soothe the waves at the surface. It is then that plain produces almost perfect. "The track will appear here first, then up ahead, then a little far right, as well as one goes along the whale, to where to move, until breathe out. Just a question of patience, "says Marco.

In Riviera Nayarit, however, the points where you can enjoy their presence are countless, from San Blas to Nuevo Vallarta, sometimes from the edge of the Beach and many others following him from a vessel authorized.

In San Blas and Rincon de Guayabitos is more common to find groups of whales Young, playing a female, making spectacular jumps to impress, colliding bodies. In the Bay of Banderas, mothers and calves, about teaching the others to sink, protecting them.

The office of Mark is new, you can say, because although the region whale watching is as old as its history, the activity as a tourism industry does not date or fifteen years ago.

"Before the boat trips were pure celebration and drunkenness. Yes the saw, the saw always and have always been a great show, but it is only recently that have become the subject of a tourist trip, "says Marco.

No mistakes. The show has always been beautiful, particularly within the waters of Banderas Bay, that sometime around the sixteenth and seventeenth during colonial times, was known as Humpback Bay, just by the large number of whales of this species that visit during the winter.

Not only the humpback whale visit the bay, occasionally found here gray whales and the main predator of humpback, orca, with a slightly higher frequency. On a trip with luck you can observe all three species.

The award comes at last: the mother gives two tail, then disappears for several minutes.
Setting presses her lips, shut up but the only one who knows what he is about to happen. The mother dived in search of momentum, suddenly pops up and the show is complete.

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