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Lorena Ochoa promotes the Riviera Nayarit golf destination

Press Release   •   Sep 25, 2010 14:47 CDT

A favorite destination with extraordinary golf courses, but especially with friendly people and services of high quality, is how Lorena Ochoa, the golfer who hit the Number One the world, describes Riviera Nayarit. "Every time I come to Riviera Nayarit treat us great, people are warm and always show their desire to succeed and grow. I love to stay to play each of their fields, they are beautiful, "said Lorena Ochoa in a press conference.

Lorena said that proting a golf destination is an important issue, as pointed out that in this way contributes to ensuring economic development visited by large groups and families who meet to practice this sport, and who also have a high purchasing power.

"Golf brings entire families are large groups that make a major spill and I think a good direction. But we must not neglect domestic tourism because also contributes its part, "Ochoa said.

She further praised the quality of the six fields that exist in Riviera Nayarit, which said besides being beautiful have significant challenges for the player and is therefore willing to contribute to the promotion of the destination and the support here has been since the Mexico golf.

"I know I have been very active on the issue of promoting golf and I am happy, I'm sure the Duramed Futures Tour, I played on occasion, had a great event here in Riviera Nayarit. Count on my support to promote anything that has to do with the development of golf in Mexico with my help in spreading, attended to better for a while during the tournament. We must all support and maintain that pace of work positive, "she insisted.

Speak well of Mexico, to promote the country, Riviera Nayarit and all natural beauties, culture
and traditions that both domestic and foreign tourists can find in this country as
destination, were among the recommendations offered Lorena Ochoa in the framework of the 4th
Aeromexico Golf Tournament.

Finally, the golfer said, "When something bad happens, we spent days talking about that, but when something good happens, they say 'Oh look, she won' half hour is devoted to the subject and ended. I think we have to be positive, stay positive and think about success. That's why I always talk about my country and the people I know, on tour I do, in interviews. I speak of the beauty that can be found here in Riviera Nayarit, their golf courses in my state Jalisco, that's what you have to do. "

Golfer's comments emphasize the promotion strategies of the Riviera Nayarit intensity has led to the State Governor, Mr. Ney González Sánchez especially in times when external factors have slowed the economic dynamics in the country and in the State.

Lorena Ochoa offered on Thursday morning clinics to special guests Aeromexico - which included its largest customers, executives and business partners, " and lived in the country with them. The IV Aeromexico Golf Tournament played at El Tigre Golf & Country Club in Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, a fascinating field that was designed by Von Hagge, Baril and Smelek and is ranked as one of the best golf
of Mexico according to the magazine Golf Guide Magazine & Golf in Mexico Magazine.

Special thanks to Oficina de Visitantes y Convenciones / Convention & Visitors Bureau - Riviera Nayarit.

"Create the most exciting championship golf course in Mexico”, was the challenge given to the team of Von Hagge, Smelek and Baril, designers of over 200 of the world’s finest golf courses. The result a 7,239 yard masterpiece: El Tigre Golf Course