Altia’s production of organic grain spirit will continue

News   •   Nov 23, 2016 10:36 GMT

The production of organic grain spirit at Altia’s Koskenkorva distillery will continue. After its annual inspection, the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira), which supervises the licenses for organic alcohol production, has extended the license of Altia’s Koskenkorva distillery to produce organic grain spirit.

The organic alcohol production process is inspected annually. Altia’s current license is in force until the end of 2017, after which the license can again be extended after passing the inspection.

The inspection carefully examines the process through which it is ensured that alcohol production takes place according to the rules for organic production. This also includes the purchase and reception of organic barley before actual distilling. The path of a ground batch of barley from the fermentation tanks to distilling is monitored in the production process. Organic barley must be kept separate from ordinary barley at all stages of production from grain until the end product.

The goal is simultaneous organic distilling and normal production

Organic grain spirit has been successfully produced at the Koskenkorva distillery since 2014. Alterations have been made at the plant in the last few months that will help running normal production in addition to the production of organic grain spirit.

– Until now we have only been able to distil organic grain spirit during the plant’s maintenance shutdown and purification. However, the aim is that at some point we could run both organic distilling and normal production simultaneously, says Antti Snellman, Plant Director at Koskenkorva.

– We want to maintain and develop the capabilities of the Koskenkorva distillery for organic production also for the reason that we can produce larger volumes of organic spirit in future, Snellman says.

Organic beverages more popular in Sweden than in Finland

The first product on sale in which Koskenkorva’s organic grain spirit was used is the Rooftop Garden blueberry-ginger drink that was launched in Finland in late summer 2015.

There is still fairly little demand in Finland for organic alcoholic beverages and mainly wines have aroused interest. In Sweden, however, organic products have established their position and their demand is growing. The health trend that has already been on the rise in beverages favours clean, natural raw materials, hence organic products are constantly also discussed in Altia’s innovation team.

Altia is a leading wine and spirits company offering quality brands in the Nordic and Baltic countries. We produce, market, sell, import and export alcoholic beverages. Sustainability is a crucial business factor for us. We want to enhance a modern, responsible Nordic drinking culture. Environmental responsibility is carried out e.g. at our own bioenergy plant at Koskenkorva distillery.