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Altibox Chill - now on iPad

News   •   Mar 30, 2012 07:54 UTC

The arrival of the iPad accelerated TV Everywhere initiatives and for some operators live streaming on tablets has been a game changer. In Norway, Fiber-to-home and TV provider Altibox, is the first to launch Live TV on iPads. Using HTTP adaptive bit-rate streaming with Microsoft Smooth streaming format, customers can enjoy a seamless TV experience on their iPad from the comfort of their homes or on the go.  

Altibox is the first Norwegian TV distributors in Norway to launch an iPad version of their linear TV channel offerings. Furthermore they are the first to offer the opportunity for so-called place-shifted TV. Meaning that you can see linear TV broadcasts directly on your iPad instead of on TV in the living room or on the go. During the first week since launch, the Altibox Chill app is ranked number 1 in the Norwegian App store.

Altibox Chill’s massive library of VOD content now available on PCs and Macs, will shortly be available on iOS and Android devices. Moreover Altibox plans to expand the service to more devices in coming months.

Altibox Chill-in & Chill-out powered by Xstream
Xstream’s end-to-end online video platform, MediaMaker, is the engine behind Altibox’s TV Everywhere solution, Altibox Chill. Altibox use MediaMaker for media assets management, ingest, distribution, transcoding, analytics, purchases and payment of movies. Furthermore, Xstream enables state-of-art delivery of content using Silverlight smooth streaming (HTTP Adaptive bit-rate streaming) on PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices, an adaptive streaming technology that evaluates the bandwidth and the receiving computer’s performance every two seconds and then scales the image quality, without interrupting the stream. Assuring their viewers that there will be no interruptions on the line when they watch their movie.

Altibox Chill In is the product that allows you to watch TV on your tablet within range of a wireless home network, while the Altibox Chill Out product can take the service out of the house. However, with fewer channels available.

Powerful encoding
Xstream has teamed up and integrated with the leading provider of live and on-demand multi-screen IP video processing and delivery solutions, Envivio to power the Altibox multi-screen streaming service, where Altibox has deployed the Envivio 4Caster™ C4 Gen III encoders