Asia Monozukuri Conference 2015 Omron Quality Traceability System Takes Center Stage for its Direct Contribution to Enhanced Reliability and Competitiveness

News   •   Apr 14, 2016 09:00 UTC

Omron Electronics Director Speaks at Monozukuri Conference in Thailand

On October 21, 2015, the Asia Monozukuri Conference 2015 was held in Bangkok, Thailand. Kamol Patithammakul, director and general manager at Omron Electronics delivered a speech addressing over 200 attendees mainly from the manufacturing industry. Mr. Patithammakul stressed the importance of traceability in manufacturing, and introduced Omron's latest solutions in this field.

Omron Electronics is a Thailand-based Omron Group company engaged in the industrial automation business. In recent years, a growing number of automakers and car parts manufacturers have set up business in Thailand, allowing the country to develop into a main supply base for the global automotive market. When the ASEAN Economic Community free trade bloc is set up, this trend should increase even further.

To survive global competition, Thai manufacturers must deliver quality equivalent to that of products produced by their counterparts in developed countries. This makes it necessary to establish a system of individually recording the history of processing products, parts, and materials conveyed on a production line and enabling the tracing of such data even after the product is delivered.

"Traceability makes it possible to achieve more exacting quality control, and it can also lessen the impact on a company if a defective product reaches the market," says Mr. Patithammakul. "For these reasons, traceability is in demand not only in the automotive industry but in many other manufacturing sectors as well."

Omron has developed a traceability system that covers the overall production processes, quickly meeting three key market demands: stable equipment operation, effective use of data, and cost control. To help customers implement traceability, Omron provides comprehensive customer support, from concept development and system design to setup and maintenance.

We will remain committed to advancing a broad range of automation technologies and services we have developed over many years, as we strive to bring innovation to manufacturers. In this way, Omron will continue to serve as a reliable partner for customers in their pursuit of the highest possible quality.