Automatic Valve Testing in WellMaster IMS

News   •   Oct 04, 2016 22:09 -12

In cooperation with Aker BP (previously Det norske), we have developed functionality to make valve testing simpler, more efficient, and with less chance of errors.

WellMaster IMS is ExproSoft’s global solution for well integrity management, and has utilized on thousands of wells world wide. Just during the last year it’s been implemented for operators in Norway, Middle-East, and Australia. WellMaster IMS is continuously improved through close collaboration with our clients.

Collaboration with Det norske

One of those collaborative efforts are the recent development of automatic valve testing, made possible through support from Det norske (now Aker BP). By removing most of the manual work related to registering valve tests, WellMaster IMS now ensures that human errors are minimized, the correct results are logged, and that the whole process is less time-consuming. As the system logs the test data directly, there’s not “double punching”, and the results are instantly available onshore.

Automatic Valve Testing

WellMaster IMS already boosts unique scheduling, validation, and reporting functionality. With automatic valve testing it now enhances the registration process as well.

The test itself is logged by simply entering the start time for the test in WellMaster IMS. Data is then populated automatically through an interface to the data historian (e.g. OsiSOFT PI), and compared against dynamic (or fixed) acceptance criteria. In addition to storing the test results itself, WellMaster IMS visualizes the full pressure profile during the test, for documentation and further diagnostics.

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