BioAq structuring – a method to improve the taste of wine

News   •   Aug 12, 2015 09:05 GMT

A good wine is well worth its price. A new ecological way of improving the taste of wine is structuring the wine with a BioAq whirler, developed for improving water quality.

The effect is more pronounced when structuring cheaper wines, while wines of a higher quality seem to be less influenced. The changes in the taste are verified by many consumers.

Positive changes have also been proved with BioAq whirled tap water.

Bioaq whirlers may also be used for grape cultivation. It has been found that the whirlers can increase plant growth with up to 30% with tap water as control water in tomatoe, cucumber, mung beans etc. In parallel to the increase in production there are many other benefits of using BioAq whirlers: higher quality of products, the products last longer, plants get more substantial root systems and more stable stems.