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Brøderne dahl AS: Operating collaboration frees up resources

News   •   Mar 26, 2015 12:35 UTC

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Operating collaboration frees up resources

The main reason for the collaboration with Merit Operations was to release resources in the big M3 project. The experiences was so good that operational cooperation most likely will be a durable solution for Brødrene Dahl AS.

The cooperation with Merit Operations

Brøderne Dahl is in the middle of their largest IT project since 1998. At the end of 2014 Bröderne Dahl shut down their Movex version from the last millennium for good, in favor of Infor M3 delivered by Merit Globe. The project is ongoing over several years and is resource demanding. It includes operations in all Nordic countries and the system will among others be integrated with 26 other IT systems at Brøderne Dahl.

Thomas Fehn manages the department IT Business Unit (ITBU). He thinks that it would be difficult to implement the project in a satisfactory manner without the purchase of external services from Merit Operations.

- Merit Operation provides essential services that ensure the daily operations. For example, continuous monitoring of the system, project contingency, database analysis and support. The collaboration has been impeccable, with clearly defined tasks of responsibility and monthly reporting meetings with good structure and clear presentations. We relate to permanent contacts and experience that consultants in Merit Operations know our existing Movex solution well, despite the fact that it is an older version, says Thomas Fehn.

100 years with good logistics

There is a long history behind one of Norway’s largest wholesale companies within VVS, VA and industry, and a numerous other business areas. It is nearly one hundred years since its establishment in Norway and the French parent company Saint-Gobain’s history stretches back to 1665 with glass deliveries to "Sun King" Louis XIV. A central philosophy is to deliver added value beyond plain distribution. – It’s about delivering goods faster and better than our competitors and to ensure good information flow from the producer to the installer. The new owners have made it possible to make a powerful upgrade and automation of the central warehouse in Langhus, a project that cost around 500 million crowns, says the CIO.

Achieved more than expected

Brødrene Dahl AS wanted to allocate IT resources to the M3 project, and therefore entered a partnership with Merit Operations with the responsibility for the daily operations related to the existing Movex solution. Thomas Fehn explains that this collaboration has turned a potential resource problem into an advantage. - In fact we have achieved more than we initially anticipated. The consultants at Merit has done an excellent job of reviewing, tidying the basic data and maintaining it. It has already gained us profit and will without a doubt be a positive contribution when we start to run M3 at the end of 2015/2016. Other positive experiences is a halving of undesirable events related to Movex, and a clear decrease in the number of support incidents. Merit Operations will undoubtedly play an important roll within the M3 Project when it comes to the optimization and stabilization of the system through 2016, says Thomas Fehn.

Profitable in a long perspective

For a logistics sensitive organization as Brøderne Dahl, downtime in an ERP system would be a disaster for the daily operations. Thomas Fehn explains, that it is easy to defend increased costs related to the operation of the company’s central ERP system. – The use of Merit Operations will increase the operating costs, but will still be a profitable choice in a long perspective. The purpose is to ensure optimal operation in a phase with a preliminary project, implementation and extensive testing, likewise in the critical period when Infor M3 goes live. Our experience from using Merit Operations is so good that we foresee it as a permanent solution. It is easy to defend because your entire business depends on the business critical systems functions optimally, he sums up.

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